With Various Partnerships And Deals, Skai Jackson Shares How Her Authenticity Keeps Her Grounded

TikTok has been at the center of many recent conversations. Despite its battles at Capitol Hill, the social media app is still one of the primary places Gen Z and others go for entertainment, recommendations, and news. Disney star Skai Jackson is among the people who have tapped into TikTok’s ubiquity.

Jackson has been vocal about using TikTok and how it has impacted her personal life. According to a report from Blavity, the 22-year-old has a partnership with hair brand Cantu Beauty. However, her searches on TikTok taught her hairstyling techniques that would allow her to maximize the use of the products she promoted.

“I really feel like these products [Cantu] are so special because they took the time to answer everybody’s needs and deliver and put them into the product,” she told Blavity.

She continued, “It’s just so amazing to see that there are millions of people in the world dealing with the same issues as me and other people.”

Recently, the star of Disney’s “Bunk’d” leveraged TikTok once more to reprise a role that was both nostalgic and iconic. Jackson was tapped by Band-Aid to reimagine its catchy jingle from the 90s, this time using TikTok to recreate what many considered cultural magic.

“I remember being 5 years old and so excited on set, singing the jingle and having so much fun! It was just such a fun day. To know the commercial ran for so long and made its way into many peoples’ households is so special,” Jackson said in an interview with AFROTECH™. “So, being able to recreate that and be back so many years later is a full-circle moment. Plus, working with BAND-AID® Brand again is such a fun opportunity, and I can’t wait for everyone to see my TikTok using the refreshed, still iconic, jingle!”

@skaijackson #ad OMG guys @BAND-AID Brand is bringing back their iconic #StuckOnYou jingle! I celebrated by rebooting my take on it back when I was five – still slaying that ‘fit. #throwback #nostalgia💖 ♬ BAND-AID® Brand Jingle – Gerry

Although Jackson is reprising her role with the global brand, this is only one of the current highlights of her career. She likes to spend her time enjoying things such as cooking and hiking. But don’t let the recreational activities fool you. Jackson has plenty of other projects in the works; she likes her supporters to revel in the element of surprise.

“I have a lot of things coming down the pipeline, which you guys will see when they come out! I like to surprise everyone and leave no expectations, so you’ll be surprised. I’ll keep it there,” Jackson explained.

One of those moves came in 2023 when she became the face of Cacharel’s fragrance line, Yes I Am.

“There are so many things that drew me to Cacharel—not just the brand itself but everything it stands for and its work behind the scenes with bringing young girls together,” she told Elle Canada.

With so much success surrounding her career and work, Jackson’s authenticity keeps her grounded. She told AFROTECH™ that “believing in yourself” is the key to staying mindful in an industry that can shift quickly.

Jackson hopes this self-grounding work will shine a light on those interested in being part of Hollywood and that she can spark inspiration like others have done for her.

Raven-Symoné, she’s someone I looked up to,” Jackson stated.

She continued: “So when it came to my time when I was filming my TV show, I felt like I was kind of that young role model for young girls, and still am, for people to look at on TV and say, ‘If she can do it, I can do it too.’ And that’s what I always wanted people to see.”

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