St. Louis Native Dr. Marcus Howard Returns Home To Open Missouri’s First Black-Owned Pharmacy

St. Louis Native Dr. Marcus Howard Returns Home To Open Missouri’s First Black-Owned Pharmacy

A Black-owned pharmacy is opening in St. Louis, MO.

According to a news release, GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness has opened in St. Louis to serve 45,000 residents who had been without a pharmacy in their area.

St. Louis native Dr. Marcus Howard founded GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness, the first Black-owned pharmacy in Missouri. He had left the St. Louis area to pursue a degree in higher learning, obtaining a bachelor’s degree and a Ph.D.

“I went to North Carolina to pursue my undergrad degree and my Ph.D., and I returned home to really take all the things that I learned out in the community in other places and bring them back home because I know St. Louis is a great place. It’s my home. I just wanted to just bring something back and make a difference,” he said in an interview with Nine PBS.

Dr. Howard wanted to become a doctor because he recognized the disparities in the local area, especially in healthcare. He aimed to eliminate those disparities.

“Growing up in North City, you see a lot of challenges, specifically as it relates to healthcare, growing up and in the neighborhood, and you want to make a difference,” Dr. Howard told the outlet. “When I was about 16, when I was in high school,  I wanted to become a doctor because, one, I know a lot of people, they respect doctors. And then doctors, they change people’s lives, and they help people become healthier and experience a better quality of life. So that’s what I wanted to do.”

Dr. Howard is staying true to his word through GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness’s approach, which duplicates the business models of Walgreens and Amazon through free delivery and telehealth services. The pharmacy will deliver medication, over-the-counter products, and even fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, the telehealth services will include medication education, health screenings, and connect residents to healthcare providers for guidance.

“To make pharmacy more accessible in pharmacy deserts we are first bridging the trust gap and second, we are making it more convenient by offering free medication delivery and telehealth options,” said Dr. Howard in the news release. “I am looking forward to having a GreaterHealth Pharmacy in communities that need them most.”

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