How to Protect Your Online Identity

Switching Patterns Of Internet Access And Associated Risks

Following the advent of the smartphone era, people frequently started using local WiFi networks in cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, airports. They can log into their social network or email accounts, they can do online banking or make financial transactions (e.g. shopping). However, this comes with a series of risks, as the safety of these networks is often subpar.

Consequently, sensitive data can be stolen including financial data, identity theft may happen, the webcam or microphone of your device might be hacked and used for recording compromising material. One good solution to minimize these risks and protect your online identity is to use a VPN. You may check a review of a top VPN provider at cyberghost netflix, which will let you understand the typical capabilities of the technology.



Why VPNs Help Protect Your Online Identity

On this site, one can find a description of the key security-related functions of VPNs. The way VPN providers ensure online safety is by establishing encrypted communication channels with the Internet through dedicated VPN servers. This effectively hides the content of the data traffic from any third party

  • hackers,
  • government spying agencies,
  • the ISP.

While establishing a VPN network, you will be assigned the IP address of the VPN server (and hide the physical IP address). Consequently, by manually selecting the country that hosts the VPN server, one will be identified online as an Internet user from the respective country (adding another layer of protection). For more info about the technology, head to, where you can learn basic concepts and the utility of features offered by top VPN providers.

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