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How To Live Without Your Cellphone

In a technology-driven age, we all spend way too much time on our Smartphones, tablets and on the internet. According to Beta News, approximately two-thirds of Britons hate how much time they spend using their Smartphone. A recent poll of 2,500 UK adults found that 62 per cent resent the fact that they find it so difficult to stop using their phone.
If you hate how much time you spend on your phone, it’s time to do something about it. This doesn’t mean living without it altogether or causing any iphone screen breaks either! You still need to have contact with the outside world, but you can get easily your sanity and social life back with a few simple steps:
Practice Makes Perfect
No we don’t expect you to rid yourself completely on day number one.  Start by slowly weaning yourself off. Gradually reduce the amount of time you spend on it whether that’s limiting yourself to ten minutes a day on Facebook, Twitter, buying an alarm clock or taking less selfies! Begin by turning off your phone when you’re sleeping or even leaving it home whilst you’re at work.  You still have email and Skype to stay in touch with people.
Don’t take it everywhere with you
According to Digital Spy, 75 per cent of people use their phone whilst on the toilet. The poll of 2,000 people, conducted by Sony and O2, also revealed that a quarter of men choose to sit on the loo rather than stand, just so their hands are free to use their mobiles. You don’t need your phone on the toilet, in the bath or whilst you’re at the dinner table so put it away.
Get a hobby
Rather than sitting on your phone playing Candy Crush or stalking friends on Facebook every evening, get a hobby. Get off the sofa and join an exercise class, get out and visit friends and family members or read a book instead. Apply the time you would normally waste on your Smartphone by working out, educating yourself, or spending more time with your family and you’ll certainly feel better for it.
Turn off notifications
Each time you receive a notification, you’re likely to then spend a further ten minutes unnecessarily fiddling around on your phone. It’s so easy to get sucked into the social media world through one alert. Turn off all unnecessary notifications i.e. Facebook, Instagram, emails, etc and this is far less likely to happen.
Make use of airplane mode
Try to schedule in phone-free periods during the day and especially at weekends if you work Monday to Friday. When you’re busy doing something else like cooking, watching a film or getting ready to go out, put your phone on Airplane Mode so you’re not easily distracted.
Ask humans for directions
Stop using your phone for maps and directions and start asking people instead. Remember when this was the norm? You could even use a good old map! Stop googling everything you don’t know and start talking to people for answers.
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