Cam’ron Claims He Went From Investing $120K In His Sports Show To Receiving A Multi-Million-Dollar Deal

Cam’ron Claims He Went From Investing 0K In His Sports Show To Receiving A Multi-Million-Dollar Deal

Doing things on one’s own terms often pays off.

In February 2023, Cam’ron launched the podcast “It Is What It Is.” While on a panel at Black Enterprise’s 2024 Disruptor Summit in May, the rapper recalled brainstorming the vision for his sports talk show and investing in himself.

“All the sports shows to me were pretty much the same… So what I did was, I said I’m gonna invest $250,000 into this project,” Cam’ron told the outlet. “And I said, what I’m gonna do is I’mma build a professional setting and put on a suit, but talk how we talk to each other when it comes to basketball.”

@blackenterprise From arguing with friends to a $20 million deal! Cam’ron breaks down the journey of his podcast and how it all started with a passion for sports and a $120k investment. #PodcastGoals #SuccessStory #Camron #ItIsWhatItIs ♬ original sound – BlackEnterprise

Although Cam’ron chose $250,000 as the cap number for his investment, he shared that he only spent around $120,000. Plus, the show started to become a success.

“It took off,” he said. “I did three, four episodes by myself. I actually invited Ma$e to be a guest on the show, and he was like, ‘Yo man, this is really dope. Do you wanna go half on it?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, we can go half. Let’s do it.’ He didn’t have to put any money up, but he was willing to.”

When “It Is What It Is” began to generate buzz, the offers started rolling in. As AFROTECH™ previously shared in March 2023, Cam’ron announced that, while he appreciated the love he was receiving, he was seeking higher offers.

“Y’all gonna have to offer something that I ain’t got,” Cam’ron shared at the time. “Now, you don’t know what I got. You could assume what I got. I’m not gonna be unreasonable, but you gotta be fair. And right now, for the time being, we gonna have fun.”

During the previously mentioned interview with Black Enterprise, Cam’ron said that he received a $1 million offer after filming his first four episodes. Then, $3 million after 10 episodes. However, co-host Ma$e advised not to budge just yet. Ultimately, Cam’ron says they went on to snag a $20 million deal.

The $20 million deal that Cam’ron is alluding to is likely the one he and Ma$e secured with Underdog Fantasy Sports, a daily fantasy sports platform, in August 2023. As AFROTECH™ previously reported, it is said to be an 18-month, eight-figure deal.

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