Angela Rye Is Doing The Work As Principal And CEO Of IMPACT Strategies, A Political Advocacy, Social Impact, And Racial Equity Firm

Angela Rye Is Doing The Work As Principal And CEO Of IMPACT Strategies, A Political Advocacy, Social Impact, And Racial Equity Firm

Angela Rye is one of today’s leading voices in political advocacy and social justice.

Recognized for her politics and culture commentary on networks like CNN and ESPN as well as her own podcast “Native Land Pod” with co-hosts Tiffany Cross and Andrew Gillum, the award-winning host, commentator, and lawyer transformed her passion into IMPACT Strategies. Launched in 2013, the political advocacy firm creates strategic partnerships and coalitions to birth societal change.

In an interview with AFROTECH™ before her fireside chat, “Bridging the Gap for an Equitable Community,” at AFROTECH™ Executive Newark, Rye shared the backstory of one of IMPACT Strategies’ most impactful partnerships to date. Moreover, it came following the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

“A lot of companies were coming asking for Black support, Black help, Black input, Black advice, and strategy,” Rye recalled to AFROTECH™. “At the time, I represented PayPal and worked really diligently with them on their [$535 million] commitment to advance social change, social justice, and equitable opportunities for Black people. Some of those opportunities that I’m most proud of were with PayPal Ventures, providing opportunity and seed capital to some startups and VCs. And there were ones that I helped to handpick.”

She continued, “I think that so often we are called upon and yet not always valued. And so right after [George Floyd’s] death, I think that we were called upon and [they were] really heeding the advice that we always knew we could offer, and the advice we still know we can offer. While I don’t hope for another disastrous heart-wrenching moment like that, I do hope that companies never forget the impact of Black people globally, in this country, and certainly in their businesses.”

In addition to being the principal and CEO of IMPACT Strategies, Rye runs A. Rye Inc., which she founded and launched in 2017. Self-described as an “empowermenteur,” Rye credits access to mentorship for setting her on a successful entrepreneurial path. Conversations with mentors helped her to learn major keys in business as well as to remember her value.

Now, she’s paying it forward through supporting the new generation. Under the mission of not only empowering the Black community but also providing tangible resources, Rye created her professional development program, which coaches youth for internships and jobs.

“They get free advice from some of the dopest in the game, and I love that,” Rye said. “It is an opportunity to remember that I am blessed to be a blessing and that my obligation is to pour into folks even if I do feel stretched thin.”

As Rye remains steadfast in her social justice leadership, she expressed at AFROTECH™ Executive Newark that efforts to level the playing field continue to meet opposition such as with the Fearless Fund ruling. But she hopes the Black community keeps the fight going against conservatives through new strategic ways.

“Now, they created something where they put their strategy up on a website, but it’s called America First Legal, and America First Legal is designed to ‘help patriots obtain their freedoms.’ Coded language,” Rye said in conversation with AFROTECH™ Brand Manager Will Lucas at AFROTECH™ Executive Newark. “Let’s beat them at their game. So they could do that, and we can say our mission is to ensure that people who have not ever received power have access to power and equity. We don’t have to say Black. We know who we are.”

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