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Aurora Culpo and Paul Bernon Split After Two Months of Dating – Hollywood Life

Aurora Culpo and Paul Bernon Split After Two Months of Dating – Hollywood Life

Paul Bernon at an event, Aurora Culpo at an event.
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According to Page Six, a source has confirmed to them that Aurora Culpo and her boyfriend parted ways after all the commotion surrounding them early on in their relationship.

And it seems as though the commotion is to blame for the sudden end of the brief romance. Bethenny Frankel, who called off her engagement to 45-year-old Paul Bernon, suggested on her Just B With Bethenny podcast that the pair may have split after 35-year-old Aurora got “too vocal” about her budding romance.

Previously on the Barely Filtered podcast, without specifically naming Paul, Oliva Culpo, 32, revealed that she did not invite Aurora’s “special friend” to her wedding with Christian McCaffrey, 28, in Rhode Island and noted that it is “rude to invite somebody [she’s] never met” adding on that Paul is essentially Aurora’s “flavor of the month.”

Frankel, 53, spoke about how, because the new couple was so flamboyant with all the details of their new relationship, while Frankel and Bernon’s relationship was already very public, it was “gutting” for her to see the investment banker’s very new relationship unfold so publicly.

Then on Sunday’s episode of her Just B podcast, she got honest with her listeners, telling them, ‘Hearing about your ex-fiancé committing to another woman shortly thereafter on their first date, and then being inside their relationship, hearing about their sex and their gifts, and meeting each other’s kids and the level of commitment.’ She trailed off but mentioned all of these components as reasons why it was so ‘brutal’ for Frankel.

Even though everything was “certainly mutual” and the former “RHONY” star admitted she initiated the breakup herself, she felt hurt by the disregard for her relationship. “I wasn’t happy. Something needed to change,” she explained. “The relationship had its challenges, and nobody dumped anybody, but I went through it. I knew that it was ultimately the right thing, and I really made peace with it.”

“I’m proud of myself, and I’m proud of the way I handled [the split],” Frankel shared. “I think this woman has learned a lot, too. Their actions cost them their relationship, which was brand-new, and who knows what would’ve happened?”

“I think by sharing all the details of your new relationship, you’re disrespecting the last relationship,” she said.

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