6 High-Tech Gifts For The Geeky Guy In Your Life

high tech gifts

If you are on the lookout for the ultimate tech gifts for the man in your life then look no further. We have everything you could ever need and more if you are struggling for ideas and inspiration on what to buy for him. Don’t forget that if you can’t find anything to buy there is always the option of gift cards. This means he can get whatever he wants within a certain price range, alternatively, he can pay more if the gift card doesn’t quite cover it. Take a look below to see if anything takes your fancy as a great gift idea for the one you love. 

Film Memorabilia 

If your man is a TV show and film fanatic then you must get him at least one piece of film memorabilia to call his own. This could be absolutely anything but preferably from his favorite one if this is possible. There are some films and TV shows that have had no exact copies made of them. However, if your man loves all things Marvel then you can get your hands on Captain America’s shield or Thor’s hammer! Just wait and see his face when he opens an exact replica of something he loves and adores. 

New Tech 

high tech giftsThere is always new tech coming out, it is just a matter of whether or not you can get your hands on it before it sells it. The most popular tech item still out there with numerous waiting lists is the PS5. Ever since its release in 2020, it has been a sold-out product. Sony has not only had complications with not making enough, but they also hit a roadblock with a certain piece of the PS5 that they couldn’t get hold of for a long while. This slowed down production and there have been very few off the production line ever since. There are other pieces of tech if he is interested, the XBOX or the VR for example. 

Days Out 

If your guy loves venturing out with friends then you can get him an experience day to enjoy. This could be anything from a day at the races, to throwing themselves out of a plane 15,000 feet in the air. If your man doesn’t like anything too taxing then there are more relaxing options, you could also base it on his interests. A great example of this could be a cigar experience day where your guy and his friends can try out some of the best cigars around. They may even come home with a complimentary one. 


How about a night staring up at the stars? We don’t mean laying on the grass getting cold, we mean through a telescope. If your man loves all things to do with astronomy and the planets then a telescope is a great way to support his interests. Be aware that you can get good and bad telescopes so you will need to do a fair bit of research to get the best one. Check out previous customers’ reviews to find out if the one you are looking at buying is any good. If you live near a hill or in a multi-story home then telescopes will work better. The closer they are to the stars and the clearer the night makes for a great telescope experience. 

A Watch

high tech giftsWho doesn’t love a watch, or better yet, a watch based on your favorite movie character? If the man of your dreams doesn’t currently own a watch then how about taking a look at ones from the Marvel Universe? You can get your hands on one based on Iron Man which has around the edge, ‘proof that Tony Stark has a heart’. You can also get a Black Panther one that has iconic purple and silver markings. There are so many choices and you will have to shop around for the one that you think your man will love the most. 

Charging Packs

Finally, with everything that your man carries, it might be nice to invest in some good-quality battery charging packs for him. These are tiny boxes that you charge at home and then use this charge to charge your other items when you are not at home. He might work long hours in the office, so these will come in handy as and when he needs them. You can get ones that are different power strengths so be sure to get a good one that can power all his devices. 

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you a few more ideas on what to buy for the amazing geeky guy in your life.

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