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Gabrielle Sorto:

Do you have a favorite place(s) to shop?
One of my favorite places to shop is at thrift stores. Not only for the price, which is perfect for a college girl on a budget who is also addicted to shopping, but also for the amazing gems you can find! Thrift stores are obviously secondhand, but you can find some amazing and unique pieces. A lot of my wardrobe has come from thrift stores and it’s sort of become a hobby. It’s always exciting when you find something great that you know you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. I recommend everyone go and scour their local thrift store. You’ll never know what you’ll find!
How do you keep your skin looking and feeling its best during the fall? 
With any transition in the season, my skin usually freaks out. My favorite thing to use is a Vitamin C moisturizer. It’s the best thing I’ve found to keep my skin balanced.
What’s one thing that you think is the biggest fall​ trend or soon-to-be?
I think the biggest fall trend is minimalism. I think fashion this season has become very simplified and, personally, I love it! I think having a lot of simple pieces allows you to expand your wardrobe by being able to create so many different looks.

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