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Vivitar Review

We’ve all had that mini anxiety attack when we bring our phones/cameras near an ocean or pool. You risk the possibility of damaging your electronic all to capture a moment on film. The Vivitar 850W Underwater Digital Camcorder can save you a lot of worrying from now on. With high definition technology and 12.1 mega pixels, this camcorder is your new sidekick in the water.  See what we had to say in this Vivitar Review! 

The Vivitar Camcorder is waterproof up to 10 feet, has a 4x zoom, and a rubber grip. The photos come out clear, and it’s so easy to use while you try to record a fun day in the sun. I used my camcorder on a recent trip to San Diego where I spent a Sunday afternoon in Pacific Beach, surfing and hanging out with friends. Even though it’s waterproof, I was still a little nervous to allow the camcorder to get wet since I’m always so careful with electronics near water. The rubber grip and yellow lanyard put me at ease because I knew I wouldn’t drop the camcorder and lose it in the ocean.
If you crave adventure and want to document them on film, then get your sandy hands on the Vivitar 850W. It has Vivitar Experience software that lets you upload and tag your photos and  videos onto YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The camcorder retails at $129.99 and comes in eight different colors including blue, red, and yellow. To learn more about Vivitar, go to

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