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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with it is the anxiety of finding the perfect gift for that special someone. Fear not! We’ve gathered some of our favorite products, goodies, and treats into the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide, guaranteed to make your Valentine feel more than loved. Don’t have a Valentine this year? That’s cool, too. In the words of Parks and Rec star Aziz Ansari, “Treat yo’self.”
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Bella J. Lotsa Love Candle, $24.99

Everyone knows that, to have a successful romantic evening, especially on Valentine’s Day, you need to have a little candlelight. Cue Bella J.’s brand new appropriately themed candle, Lotsa Love. This lovely soy wax candle contains a fruity blend of freesia, jasmine, and warm amber, which, blended together, creates the perfect fragrance for romance. What’s the best part, you ask (besides the adorable packaging, of course)? Each candle comes with a surprise charm bracelet or necklace, either gold or silver plated, ranging from $10 to $450 in retail value. There are even some extraordinary jewel charms in circulation with an estimated value of $10,000!

To purchase your candle in time for Valentine’s Day, head on over to

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