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The Day of the Doctor Score

It’s been a couple weeks since the “The Day of the Doctor” aired. After some debate with fellow fans, the episode has been given a fair rating that reflects the general feelings of fans. On a scale of one to ten, I would have rated the Doctor Who special, “The Day of the Doctor”, an eight if it had not been meant as an anniversary special for the shows 50 years of success. Due to the fact that it was meant to reflect 50 years of love and support, the episode rates about a six.

The episode was well written, funny, answered important questions dealing with the end of the time war, and returned beloved characters, like a version of Rose,  to fans, if only for a moment. It was a show that reflected the last few years of this beloved series and that was the problem. The episode focused more on the reboot then it should have. There was hardly any mentions of the other Doctors until close to the very end and that was not really much of a nodded to the shows long history.

The episode “The Name of Doctor” would have been a far better episode to reflect the 50 years of Whovian history. Viewers were able to see every Doctor in a way that was beautiful, heartfelt even. Fans could spot which Doctors were being shown and flashed across the screen. It could make people recall the great moments they’ve shared with the Doctor as he fought to save the world yet again, and it was through the eyes of a companion no less. After such a good episode, it was hard for Doctor Who to top itself.

Showing Tom Baker, who played the Fourth Doctor, has very touching, the peak at the next Doctor was super cool, and the ending was very nice, but it just wasn’t the kind of celebration of 50 years that fans should have gotten. Show runner, Steven Moffat, promised fans things he did not deliver to them. He focused too much on fans of the newer Doctors then he did for fans that have either loved Doctor Who before 2005 or loved the classic just as much, or more, as the new stuff. Most fans will walk away disappointed from “The Day of The Doctor” if they are looking for something that was meant to reflect 50 years of traveling through space and time.
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