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Thoughts of a Oncer: On Pan

After the second season, Once Upon a Time was starting to get a bit boring. The Evil Queen and The Dark One lost a lot of their evil, dark glow. They become too understandable as we saw how and why they become villains. While it’s always nice to see the person behind the monster, a story about fairy tales center around a compelling villain or else it’s just boring. The show really needed a new face of evil after the death of Cora, Queen of Hearts

By the end of season two, it was clear that Peter Pan would be the new villian. Personally, I have always hated the Peter Pan stories. I didn’t find him as a likable character and I was more creeped out rather than filled with wonder. I had dreaded season three and being forced to sit through Pan filled episodes. Shockingly, I’ve been enjoying this season a lot.

Robbie Kay is doing a great job playing Peter Pan. He is able to capture the cleverness needed to be a great villain while looking harmless. He doesn’t seem like he would be the clever demon that we later learn he is. You could see the relationship between Pan and Rumplestiltskin early on without it feeling forced. The fact that Robbie is able to enter the show and hold his own against characters we have grown to love and prove himself a threat shows the strength he has as an actor. He has made Once Upon a Time worth watching, again. During season two, the show lost a bit of its gluster, but season three has found a way to make up for it, at least a little bit.

While I started off hating the idea of Peter Pan on the show, I find myself sad at the thought of him leaving. I loved watching Robbie Kay prove how clever he is as he sat back and watched everyone fall into his master plan. He was also able to keep an ace up his sleeve and a smirk on his face. He is clearly a different kind of Pan and one that will be well remembered.
I know that the mid-season finale really touched my heart. To the end, Pan proved to be smarter than everyone in the room. The fact that it took so much to stop him truly shows how epic a villain he was. Even Cora, The Queen of Hearts, didn’t cause as much damage as Pan did. But it his story over? Can he really be gone? I rather hope not. It was so much fun watching father and son fight, even more so to see The Dark One struggle. Here’s hoping Robbie finds his way back to the show.
Photos were taken from the official Facebook page of Once Upon A Time.

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