‘Zoolander 2’ Review

In the much anticipated sequel to the 2001 cult classic Zoolander, “really really ridiculously good looking” Derek Zoolander is back and just as, er… unique, as he’s always been.    Although other reviews have been less than forgiving to Ben Stiller’s latest project, I would argue that although it may not be a cinematic masterpiece or anyone’s career-defining performance, it is a funny movie to spend a Friday night watching. So let’s leave the snobby ‘I’ve only seen Oscar nominated films’ behind us for a moment and take it for what it is: a nostalgic call-back to a beloved character built on the same silly (borderline offensive) humor as the first one.
The story follows Derek Zoolander, now “hermit crab” Eric Toolander, on his journey from obscurity back to to the top of the fashion industry. Simultaneously, he begins helping an international fashion agency find out who is murdering the beautiful people of the world and goes on a quest to find his son. Obviously, this isn’t centered on rationality or logic, but think about it’s predecessor. What did you really expect?
Aside from Derek, we also get re-acquainted with many of the other characters from that world, including fellow male model Hansel (who is still so hot right now) and fashion designer turned prisoner Mugato. Sure, there were one or two jokes that fell flat and a few too many unnecessary references to the original, but at its core, this film was as a thank you to the fans and a passion project to revisit a dimwitted, but lovable left-turning, male model.

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