Finding Dory: After 13 Years, Was it Worth the Wait?

It has been 13 years since the release of Finding Nemo (2003) and Disney Pixar has finally brought us Finding Dory! Written and Directed by Andrew Staton, our favorite fish are back and swimming through yet another ocean adventure, but this time Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), Marlin (Albert Brooks), Nemo (Hayden Rolence), and friends are in a search of Dory’s parents. With the film’s June 17th opening, we have the rundown of 5 things you need to know, expect, and brace yourself for when making your way to see this instant classic.

1. Bring tissues… seriously
This is specifically for you ’90s babies. If you saw Finding Nemo when it first released, you have built an emotional bond to this story and to have waited 13 years for the sequel, prepare for the film to tug at your heartstrings within the first 5 minutes. Don’t worry, there will be tears of joy and moments of uncontrollable laughter, but nonetheless there will be tears as the film sheds light on the importance of friendship, family, and believing in oneself.
2. It is an emotional rollercoaster
Just when you think things are great, they’re not. Just when you think things have made a turn for the worst, they haven’t. You’ll find yourself talking to the screen and wanting things to hurry along and get to the happy ending, but once again you’re slapped with another obstacle. Brace yourselves. You’ll either be on the edge of your seat in anticipation or sinking in your chair fighting back anxiety–there is no in-between.
3. There will be a lot of “O-M-G” moments
The seamless intertwining of Finding Nemo into Finding Dory will evoke feelings of nostalgia and answer so many questions that you didn’t even know you had. Finding Dory transports you into the past and gives you an in depth look into Dory’s life, both past and present, as she searches for her parents and where she came from.
4. You’ll have an urge to want to speak whale
Trust me, you will. You’ll learn of how Dory developed this unique “skill” and it’ll be almost impossible not to imitate it.
5. It’s worth the wait (hint: stay after the ending credits)
Although we’ve waited 13 years for this sequel to come to fruition, it was well worth the wait. Staton did not miss a beat from the creation of a new and exciting storyline, to staying true to the character personalities and tying in the past with the present. Finding Dory is easily going to be one of the top animated films to ever be released and enjoyed by those both young and old.
Bonus: Sigourney Weaver
That is all.
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