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Bloody Valentine: Horror Films for Feb

February is a month filled with hearts and love. It’s a month that can make you see red. This month showcases the strong female that finds a man to help her find love again or the couple that battles all to find happiness. It’s the month where the corny single or not, just need a break from the love feast and chance to see a different kind of red and hearts. So, we made a short list of horror movies that are sure to make Valentines a more bloody and heart felt.


The Strangers (2008) A young couple, staying in a cabin in the woods, wait for a friend to come pick one of them up. Instead, a tior of attackers come in thus beginning the long fight for survival. There is something deeply scary about someone breaking your home, without you even realizing it. This film makes you want to deep check your locks the next time you’re home alone at night.


Inside (2007) Inside is a french horror film about a pregnant woman, alone in her house, when a strange woman starts to harass her, before somehow making her way inside the house to take the baby from the sleeping, and very pregnant mother. Nothing is like watching a woman in labor fight to stay alive while some other is hell bent on taking that child no matter what.


It’s Alive! (1972) It’s Alive is a story about a couple introducing their second child into the world. The problem is that this child isn’t normal and from the moment of it’s birth he pretty much comes out a killing machine. You may think that a movie about a killer baby may not make much of a horror film, but you would be wrong. This movie made it to number 43 on Bravo’s 100 Scary Movie Moments for a reason.


Orphan (2009) Horror movies centering on children are creepy for a reason. It’s hard to watch a child trying to kill or harm others. Esther took the creepy child act further with her mastery of manipulation and willingness to brutally kill at a moments notices, no matter who’s watching. She takes crazy to new levels.


Night of the Demons (1988) The remake does not do this movie justice. The movie centers around a group of teenagers that have a small house party on haunted grounds. It’s simple, doesn’t really try to be original, and has some nice scenes.


My Bloody Valentine. We’re putting both the 1981 and the 2009 remake. The story is pretty much the same, though the age of the characters are different. When a mining town finally has a Valentine bash for the first time since a long ago bloody massacre, people start dying from an unknown killer. Both films have some nice kill scenes. Each has nice elements to them, even if I do have some personal issues with the ending of the remake.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) This film has some messed up scenes and I can personally say that it’s not film to watch alone in the dark on your first viewing, or second. The remake does a nice job at showing how Leather Face has stayed an iconic slasher villain. He is brutal to the core and the movie proves that meeting a family can be deadly.

The Dentist (1996) The story centers on a dentist that slowly loses his mind after finding out his wife is cheating on him. He takes out his rage on the hapless people that grace his chair. It’s the kind of movie you don’t want to watch if you’re scared or nervous about getting work done.

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