When It’s Time To Leave A Relationship

broken heart photoToxic relationships aren’t good for anyone. They’re bad for so many reasons, whether you’re just arguing non-stop, or if things have progressed to a stage which can actually be considered dangerous and even abusive. Unfortunately, none of us are immune to these types of situations.  Relationships can start out really well, but before you know it, they can go terribly wrong, with either one or both parties to blame. It doesn’t matter whether you’re smart, whether you’re a man or a woman, or anything else;  we can all be victims to negative situations in the name of love.

That being said, we can take steps to protect ourselves from toxic relationships.  Sometimes we get caught in a cycle which feels impossible to break, and we’re too deeply traumatized that we don’t even have the strength to leave. Other times, we don’t even recognize that there is anything wrong – situations can become so normal that we’re unable to see the truth. When one partner is controlling, overly jealous, threatening or has bad habits that affect the happiness of the other, then it’s time to consider other options as you don’t have to put up with this.  Even though you might tell yourself that the arguments aren’t even over anything big you need to ask yourself… is anything really going to change?

Us mere mortals are not alone. Plenty of people who are rich and even celebrities find themselves in bad relationships all the time, proving that these types of situations can happen to anyone. Take Rihanna’s ill-fated relationship with Chris Brown in 2009. The whole traumatic ordeal was widely publicized after he was physically violent to her in an altercation.  Nobody should have to go through that, especially when you feel that your relationship is based upon love.

Of course, not all toxic relationships involve violence. They can be equally damaging through verbal abuse or even negative situations which sometimes allow the relationship to end in a natural way. Famous people like ​Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, and Amy Winehouse and her partner Blake were in relationships filled rife with drug abuse.  As you know, this often unfortunately ends in tragedy, as in the case of Cobain and Winehouse, who both passed away at 27.

Emotional abuse is also a huge problem. Eminem has been accused of perpetuating such negativity, due to songs containing murder threats to his partner. (Eminem has several nasty songs about his ex, Kim). The thing we have to remember is that famous people who are bad in relationships are just part of a much larger problem.  We often forget the bad things they say and do towards their partners – their fame overshadows behavior that’s beyond what should be acceptable.

Abuse should never be tolerated. Toxic relationships often extend beyond the remit of simply ‘private matters’, and often the victims of such situations need to be listened to and believed.

Everyone’s situation can vary in severity, but if it’s not good for you, it’s okay to admit it. Leaving someone you love (but who also hurts you) can be one of the hardest and most complicated things in the world. However, you deserve to be happy. We promise!

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