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Photo Gallery: Brand New Live in Miami, FL

Braving the way for harmonious melodies and chilling lyrics since 2000, Brand New is one band that we will always thank for giving us songs for every emotion. There is nothing that can properly articulate the feeling and rawness of a Brand New show; from the creative elements to the perfect lighting, it is an experience you need to have at least once in your life.

With that being said, we recommend that you see them on their next tour this year. We don’t know for certain, but the last thing we saw before the end of their show was 2000 – 2018, and we have a feeling that it could be your last chance to see them (though we all hope they stay together forever). Here is a photo gallery and a small glimpse of Brand New’s massive show in Miami, FL this past summer.
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Photo Gallery: Brand New Live in Miami, FL: Photographed by Imani Givertz

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