Interview With Isabelle LN Lindbergh: A Prominent Luxury Brand Photographer

Lemoine Lindberg

Isabelle LN Lindbergh, whose real name is Isabelle Lemoine is the photographer that luxury brands and artists are raving about right now. And if her name means anything to you, it’s because her grandfather was none other than Charles Lindbergh, the first aviator to have flown New York to Paris non-stop in 1927. Almost a century later, his granddaughter, in turn, serves as an avant-garde in combining technology, conceptual work and risk taking in another field and  art of her own, photography. This is evidenced by her recent collaboration with Swarovski, a true work of goldsmith for which patience and technical mastery have been the pillars of her success.

Isabelle Lemoine

The talent of a photographer is to make a subject or object appear in dazzling simplicity. They are measured by the way in which they erase the complexity of work in the development of their shot. One has only to look at the photographs of Isabelle LN Lindbergh to realize this.

People don’t realize the amount of work behind each photo. With Swarovski I have to capture very small gems, and it is extremely complex to photograph them, while respecting a certain color code and the unique image the brand conveys.” Isabelle says.

Do you have a particular technique to bring fine stones and jewelry to life through your photographs?

“First, you have to be uncompromising about the light; reflections must be avoided for each of the shots. My technique is then to superimpose several photos so that we really understand the stone as we can see it in reality. Then, photographing each of the stones represents several hours of work, and a photoshoot for Swarovski can sometimes last more than twenty hours..”

How are the photo shoots going with the brand in general?

“The client is very often present on the day of the shooting, and he is very demanding. The work of a photographer goes beyond clichés. He has to listen, adapt, and be extremely rigorous. The client and his communication team are there to select the photos and validate the artistic direction.”

Has the pandemic changed the way you work with Swarovski?

“Beyond the measures taken such as wearing a mask and safety distances during shootings, I work even more regularly with the brand. Indeed, their storefront having become virtual, Swarovski needs much more content than before, in order to feed their website and Instagram account. Social networks have become an essential part of their communication.”

What material do you prefer to use for this kind of shooting?

“For those kinds of photos I use the Canon 5D Sr and work with flash. I love Broncolor flashes because they are powerful, fast and quality. The siro L are very practical, its light power is sufficient to obtain the necessary shots.

Discover her work on Instagram :@isabellelindbergh @isabellelnmusique  

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Images provided by Swarovski and Isabelle Lemoine

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