United They Stand – United Nations Rises From Their Hiatus In Full Force

Aside from thinking of the intergovernmental organization, United Nations rings only one name: controversy. The band was started by front man Geoff Rickly and became active in 2008. They released their self titled debut in September of that year. Immediately, their album was refused to be sold in stores, not because of the content on the album, but because the cover was a parody of the Beatle’s iconic Abbey Road with the Beatles walking to the left instead of the right and engulfed in flames. This album was lost in a fire and only the original 1,000 pressed copies remain floating amongst fans.

From there, the international organization United Nations discovered the group of artists and had their Facebook and Myspace page deleted along with a rumored law suit. The band laid low and was said to have performed the day President Obama was inaugurated with punk rock bands such as Anti-Flag.
Former members were rumored to be involved in the project included rumored members of numerous bands beloved in the hardcore underground. Any photo work of the band included four members wearing Ronald Regan masks. This is due to the legal obligation to any artist under contract under another label were not permitted to work in other projects under a different label.
Now, emerging from a long hiatus, United Nations returns with a bundle of energy so strong, that it leaves a lasting impression to remind listeners and to inform new comers that despite the law suits, controversies and bad luck, United Nations will stand their ground. On November 8th, United Nations took over new Long Island venue, The Amityville Music Hall and Tavern and reminded the packed building that, “Change is scientific, progress is ethical; change is indubitable, whereas progress is a matter of controversy.”


United Nations is: Geoff Rickly, Lukas Previn, Jonah Bayer, David Haik, Zac Sewell

Filling up the bill with their own form of vigorous intensity was Gates, Get Involved, Tiny Moving Parts, and Johnny Booth. However, when United Nations took the stage, it was like watching an ascension of turbulent and frenzied power unfurling from Rickly’s chaotic but structured screams and the chaotic strums and clashing of the instrumentals.  United Nations aimed to revisit the roots of emotional hardcore during their first ever Long Island performance. They complete this task with the building of emotional intensity, adrenaline, and unrelenting honesty. The band went seamlessly from song to song, not losing energy even during song changes.
The band played an array of songs, from their full length, their 7″ release, even their cassette tape (yes, they still have those!). During the set, Rickly announced with pride that they will be releasing a new record early next year and played a new song that will be on it much to the delight of their eager audience. The song was very well received and showed fans that the band is ready to take the next step into becoming a full-time force.

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