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Twelve Days of Music – Day 2 – Priory

Cliché Magazine is counting down to Christmas by sharing
12 holiday interviews with 12 amazing artists!

This time, we’re chatting with the members of Priory about their favorite holiday traditions, wish list, and favorite Christmas songs.

Cliché: What is on your holiday wishlist?
Brandon Rush: A new turntable and a bottle of Pappy Vanwinkle (the stuffs getting hard to find).

If you haven’t yet, if you could perform a cover of any holiday song, what song would you cover and why?
Kyle Sears: “Walking in the Air” from the Snowman. I was obsessed with that song and the movie when I was a kid.

Do you have any holiday traditions?
Brandon Rush: My wife and I wake up Christmas morning, make a huge breakfast, and share a bottle of framboise.

What Christmas movie do you always find yourself watching no matter how many times you have seen it?
Kyle Sears: A Christmas Story. I watched that one every year while growing up. I love the scene when the dad wins the sexy leg lamp.

As a band, do you spend the holidays together?
Brandon Rush: Kyle and I are next-door neighbors and our wives are really good friends, so we often end up having an evening together where we exchange gifts and hang out.
Kyle Sears: Most of them, but especially Christmas in the Northwest.

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Twelve Days of Music – Day 2 – Priory: Photo Credit: Nick Walker

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