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trxvis Redefines New Generation Pop Punk

In a sea of emerging artists, trxvis is riding his own wave. Music is far from just his craft – it’s his entire being. “What makes me stand out is that I am incredibly ambitious and creative,” he says. “I take my visuals and aesthetic incredibly seriously. Not only do I want to recreate this genre in my own style, but I want to continue to share my music with the world. Every day is devoted to bettering myself as an artist and expressing my creativity and passion to the scene! I never stop creating and I never stop the process.” He has a penchant for a particular genre that harkens back to his childhood and overall good times. “What drew me to pop punk was not only the nostalgic, fun, catchy choruses, but growing up as a kid in a small beach town, I surfed all the time and skated with my friends growing up. My dad put me on punk rock at the age of 5, playing me songs from iconic bands like the RAMONES, Sum 41, Green Day, and Blink-182. So not only was pop punk a music genre I grew up on, but it was incredibly relatable to me as a California kid living next to the beach outside Los Angeles.”

trxvis now aims to appeal to both the sentimental and the forward looking. “I want to bring back the amazing visuals and skater aesthetic of pop punk back in my own style and fashion. I want to keep the genre alive and forward moving!  For most people who listen to pop punk, it is a revival and cultural throwback to their early high school days and troubled teen years in the 90s and early 2000s. So, I want to take people back to those days and allow them to have fun with my music.” This ambition is loud and clear in his latest single. Plus, why not have a little fun in the emotional devastation of a relationship collapse? “My new single, ‘JUST A MESS,’ is a catchy and anthemic song that embodies the genre of pop punk. It captures the issues we face as young adults within relationships and self-confidence. I wanted to capture the sadness of a breakup, but turn it into an upbeat and fun song to sing along to. ‘Last year I was a trainwreck, this year I’m JUST A MESS.’ Recently, the single was placed on Spotify’s biggest editorial rock playlist ‘All New Rock’ and continues to gain notoriety on Spotify’s editorial punk playlist, ‘All New Punk,’ where it stands next to some of the genre’s biggest bands.” trxvis’ tracks are a refuge for unabashed individuality. “I feel as though there is a sort of liberation being unhinged. With my music, I am trying to make people happy and allow themselves to let loose! It’s about expressing yourself and not being afraid of what people think. That’s punk rock!” The young singer has an enlightened approach to letting go. His lyrics represent a fond farewell. “Moving on from a heartbreak is always very difficult, but it takes patience and toughness. For me, I like to write about it and move on. It’s a learning process and allows me to understand who I am better. That’s another reason I love pop punk because the genre embodies confidence!”

 “JUST A MESS” is an irreverent celebration of the past. “I want my audience to appreciate the sound and how it captures the pop punk genre from 20 years ago! It’s supposed to be a fun song, yet also guide people through my personal experiences as an artist. The music video speaks for itself. It is a visual throwback to high school teens hanging out and having fun!” trxvis has abundant treats planned for the Halloween season. “I have so much music coming next! I am scheduled to release my next single, ‘NIGHTMARE,’ on Halloween. It’s another super high energy song! I am also playing the world-famous Whisky a Go Go on Sunset Boulevard October 4th at 9pm and headlining the Whisky October 29th on Halloween weekend! So, I have a lot of live shows coming up and tons of more music! My plan is to continue performing live and set myself up for a tour next year!” There’s no need for trick-or-treating when he is offering so much ear candy.

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trxvis Redefines New Generation Pop Punk. Photo Credit: Courtesy of trxvis.