Top 10 Warped Bands to Check Out

Attention, everyone: pop punk is back. It has been made clear that with the lineup at this year’s Skate and Surf Festival and with the full lineup announced for this year’s Warped Tour, 2015 looks to be the biggest year for the genre… so far. Aside from this rise, Warped Tour is one of the few times a year where the mashing of music culture comes together. Looking at the lineup, I’m personally pretty stoked to see this year’s clash of genres take over Jones Beach on Long Island. Aside from Pierce the Veil, I know that I won’t be missing these ten bands listed below. Who are you excited to see? Tweet me at @H_Glock and let me know who you are most excited to see in your home state!
The Wonder Years
The Wonder Years performed so intensely at this year’s Skate and Surf Festival that bassist Josh Martin ran off the stage to throw up because he was screaming so hard. The band’s energy is one of the aspects that are loved about this band, and their set will most likely get you amped up for the whole day. Who needs Red Bull? Check out The Wonder Years for your daily dosage of pop punk energy.
Must Listen:Passing Through A Screen Door
Hands Like Houses
This Australian band is a veteran from 2013’s Warped Tour and it is exciting to have them back. Hands Like Houses are another energetic bunch that know how to get their crowd riled up for a good time. They have revealed that they are in the studio working on their third full-length album and with the release of their surprisingly heavier single, “I Am,” it makes one anxious to see what surprises they may have in store within their set.
Must Listen:Introduced Species
With PVRIS’ intimate show at Webster Hall (NY) selling out in 60 seconds flat, I would say that this band knows how to put on a live performance. This Boston alternative indie rock band released their latest album, White Noise, last year and the album had moments so powerful and melodically spine-chilling that that one contemplates the meaning with vocalist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen. Not to mention their tendency to write sneak attack explosions of heavy emotion and gripping guitar riffs. They are NOT one to miss.
Must Listen: St. Patrick
This Wild Life
Originally a pop punk start-up band, this artist has decreased in band member size, but gained something more in terms of sounds and emotion. While there are only two members, it is more than just an acoustic act with two guys. Skilled in both vocals and instrumentals, This Wild Life almost reminds you of a soft Copeland.
Must Listen:Roots and Branches
ANY fan of The Chariot should immediately check out front man Josh Scogin’s new project ‘68. Their songs are heavy, but odd in its vocals at times in which you can see Scogin’s influences of The White Stripes and The Black Keys, but also in his own inspiration to step out of the shadow of being The Chariot’s front man. What is impressive is that, like This Wild Life with its big sound, there are only two members: Scogin on vocals and guitar with Michael McClellan on drums. If you want to watch a band to know what kind of sound/thing they are going to do next, you know who to see.
Must Listen: Track 1 (R)
Emarosa has finally come back into the music scene with new vocalist, Bradley Scott Walden (ex-Squid the Whale vocalist). At first, it was concerning since Jonny Craig had left, but Walden fills those shoes just fine. In fact, Walden is not only able to almost redefine Emarosa, but is also able to keep what made them a band in the first place. For fans of Relativity, Emarosa’s Versus is almost an echo of that record and it does set up a promising future.
Must Listen: People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play
Want something a little bit more tender instead? While there is a pretty good list of acoustic acts to see this tour, I would personally recommend Koji. Andrew Koji Shiraki knows how to write positive songs along with writing lovely melodies.
Must Listen: Chasing a Ghost
August Burns Red
If you don’t know who August Burns Red is, then you are sorely missing out in the modern metal scene. ABR is a band that is consistent, releasing a new album every two years, including a holding record. Since 2005, ABR has always ventured into their music energetically and with odd metered breakdowns imbedded. Lately, they have been going for thinking outside the box with their sounds to avoid becoming generic, so it should make for an interesting set.
Must Listen:White Washed
Set It Off
I received a chance to interview Set It Off’s front man Cody Carson back in December for our 12 Days of Christmas segment. Carson was very passionate about his family and how much his music means to him, and it is evident within Set It Off’s music. The band is another pop punk act on this list, but their songs are just so damn catchy. You’ll certainly be dancing or jumping around when this band hits the stage.
Must Listen:Why Worry
*PLUS* This wonderful dual band cover of “Uptown Funk” with Against the Current.
Motion City Soundtrack
Formed in 1997, Motion City Soundtrack has been best known for their first LP, Commit This To Memory. The band are out on tour this year for their 10 year anniversary of said record. However, if you are checking out the band for the first time or are getting back into the groove of MCS’s pop rock sounds, then I would recommend hitting their stage both for the old hits and singles from their upcoming release.
Must Listen: Everything Is Alright
“Top Ten Warped Bands to Check Out” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2015 issue.
Featured Image of The Wonder Years by Heather Glock
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