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SASH Takes Us on a Late Night Adventure in New Single, “ROSSI”

SASH’s artistic journey began in the Lower East Side. Few places can nurture a budding musician in the same way. “The LES and New York City as a whole has always inspired me, especially all the legendary artists and art that’s come out of here,” he explains. His career would be unrecognizable without Apex Sound. “Working with Apex Sound (Apex Martin and Mike Dean) is natural. I’ve worked with Apex for years. I  just started working with Mike, but we all instantly had chemistry.” The collaboration has molded him into who he is today and continues to push him to evolve. “The success of my debut project Bittersweet validated my approach with Mike and Apex on the tempo we want to be.” 

SASH and Apex are back with a banger in the form of new single ROSSI. The song takes the listener on a sonic joyride. “ROSSI is a story about feeling like Valentino Rossi riding through New York City as if it’s a MotoGP course. The story describes all the characters you might run into making your way around the city. The song feels like a midnight motorcycle ride: whilst dark, the song has electric vibrancy.” The motorcycle, arguably the main character of the music video, is a reference to childhood nostalgia. “My pops has been riding motorcycles since he was 13 or 14. When my brothers and I were growing up, we were all into watching MotoGP racing. We had toy versions of Valentino Rossi’s bike and a bunch of others.” SASH made the conscious decision to include his favorite bodega in his visuals. “We wanted to have a deli that we actually go to in the video. We feel comfortable there. If you’re a New Yorker – you go to your deli every day, it’s so much a part of your day to day.”  He is unafraid to face his problems, especially through art. “I face my own obstacles/challenges by pushing through them. And also by making songs about them.”

ROSSI is another important piece of his musical personality. “ROSSI builds on Bittersweet in that thematically it’s about life in New York, but structurally and sonically, it’s more of an unorthodox exploration than the record that preceded it.” Look forward to more genre bending in SASH’s future. “From our next projects, you can expect more delicately-hard music noir. And more collaborations of course.” You can rest assured that the outcome of any SASH collaboration is going to be some fantastic music.

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SASH Takes Us on a Late Night Adventure in New Single, “ROSSI.” Photo Credit: Diego Andrade.

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