The Maine’s Free For All Tour

It’s no secret that Arizona natives The Maine have a large following not only on the west coast, but all over the world. Since 2007, not only have they created a strong bond with each other, but they have also created a strong bond with their fans. John O’Callaghan, Jared Monaco, Garrett Nickelsen, Kennedy Brock, and Pat Kirch have been evolving as artists, musicians, people, and friends.
Even after eight years of growing success, The Maine continues to stay humble and genuine when it comes to their fans by coming out after almost every show to meet as many people as they can. How many bands can you think of that still do that?
If you look at some bands that have been together for 5+ years, you have to pay for meet-and-greets, enter into contests, or stand behind a fence in hopes to get a glimpse of the bus driver who will laugh at your attempts to pass a message along to the band. However, The Maine are an authentic group of guys who are intentional about letting their fans know how much they appreciate their support. They are so committed to honoring their fans and their dedication, in fact, that they went on a free tour.
That’s right, a 100% FREE tour. They toured all across the U.S. and didn’t make a dime in ticket sales. They never knew how many people would show up each night, but almost every night of the Free For All Tour, they would hit the max capacity of people in one venue.
Drummer Pat Kirch said in his pre-tour guest post on, “We have been a band for over eight years and have played more shows than I can count. Every night, people come out and support what we do. This tour is just a small part in showing how much that means to us… It is a celebration of music and the people that support music. This is a chance for anyone that wants to come see us play.”
We got a glimpse of the celebration of music and people at The Maine’s show at House Of Blues in Orlando, FL, and you can believe us when we say it was an incredible night.
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The Maine’s Free For All Tour: Photographed by Imani Givertz

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