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The Exclusive Premiere of Wolf Rd’s ‘A Twisted World’

The Exclusive Premiere of Wolf Rd’s ‘A Twisted World’

Wolf Rd is here to give you the energy you’ve been craving! The new music video for their single “A Twisted World” premieres today, exclusively on Cliché Magazine! Packed with the spirit that mimics the band’s unforgettable live shows, Wolf Rd lets their personalities shine in this infectious new single. 

The lead vocalist, Chris Hoffmann discussed the memorable video shoot that happened right before stay-at-home orders went into place. He says, “We filmed the video for “A Twisted World” one day before Illinois went into a shelter-in-place order. We drove out to a warehouse overlooking a dock in Milwaukee and shot the video with Eddie Curran from Enterprise Films. Eddie did an amazing job capturing the energy of our live show. He was also totally on board when we saw this industrial elevator and joked about doing some shots of us throwing down in there. It was a fun way to spend the last day we could all hangout together before the pandemic really shut things down.”

Watch “A Twisted World” below.

About The Band

Wolf Rd’s story begins in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. These roots define their identity,  influence their sound and shape the aesthetic associated with it. When it comes to their sound, Wolf Rd refuses to compromise. The group’s debut EP “Nowhere Around You” combines anthemic melodies and their passion of pop-punk with metal and their hardcore influences to forge a sound that is unique and genre-inclusive. Their introspective lyrics are both relatable and profound, ranging from heartbreak anthems to tackling themes such as morality and regret.

The artwork for “Nowhere Around You” features a train track crossing reminiscent of the group’s hometown–Des Plaines, Illinois–while the band’s name also pays homage to their upbringing. Remaining true to themselves, the suburban quartet, which includes Chris Hoffmann, Nick Hoffmann, Geoffrey Duckmann and Devin Stone, all strive to create cathartic songs that one can envision a legion of fans screaming along to at both sweaty DIY punk shows and packed arenas.

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