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Stormy Strong – Fragile (Official Music Video)

Santa Cruz, CA, June 5, 2020 – Veteran Punk Rock artist Stormy Strong is at it again with a slew of catchy punk-pop, sea-worthy songs ready for mass consumption.  The former frontman and songwriter of Santa Cruz based punk rock band Reliance has been hard at work writing and recording some of his most inspired works to date, and will release the newest “Fragile”.  “Fragile” is an homage to his recent near death experience and an unexpected tribute to his wife Surreyya Hada’s loss of her father on Valentine’s Day this year. Surreyya is featured on this track.

A favorite local artist of Santa Cruz, Stormy’s latest releases embrace more recent challenges, and most recently, the lockdown condition due to the Covid-19 novel coronavirus.  “No one could have imagined the changes we are all experiencing together.” Strong states with regard to the collective human experience of solitude, fear and loneliness.  “We are never sure when we might be riding the thin line between life and death, as I did not long ago, or when someone we love may suddenly no longer be there.  Fragile explores the heart, its strength and weaknesses, it’s compassion, it’s hurt, and the dynamic but often complex relationships we have with one another.”

The son of a commercial fisherman, and a UCSC graduate, Stormy is truly a son of Surf City. Inspired by his many trips hundreds of miles off shore with his father, Stormy’s music has a hooky yet raw realness, culminating from his real life experiences at sea.  His latest release anyone can relate to and apply to their own narrative. “It’s been a difficult year for us”, states Surreyya Hada. “Common ground, relationships, music and the arts will be a necessary place for us all to collect and heal in coming months.  Our family uses the arts to heal.”

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