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Stefano May Encourages Unity with New Acoustic Version of “We Are The Power”

Stefano May Encourages Unity with New Acoustic Version of “We Are The Power”

“Simply put, my father, Guiseppe Maiuolo,” Stefano May states when asked who inspired him to follow his dreams. His performances on Italian TV taught him what to expect from the music industry. “I learned for the first time that there is a huge difference between the music you write for the simple pleasure of writing, versus the music that is conventionally used by media platforms.” Working with a multitude of talented songwriters has highlighted what each individual artist can bring to the table. “I believe in the power of teamwork and love when I have the opportunity to collaborate with others. Every artist in the world is unique and the creativity and personal strength of each of us leads to the creation of magical sounds and very inspirational works.”

His new song is a fresh twist on a recent favorite. “The acoustic version of “We Are The Power” comes one year after we released the original track. I wanted the opportunity to reach a wider audience this time with an essential arrangement that was giving more voice to this powerful song.” Around the holidays, we must look inward and contemplate self-improvement. “A time like the holiday season is a reminder for each one of us to become better human beings every day. We all have a huge responsibility to change this world for the better and leave this chaos we have been living in behind us.” Stefano would like the song to send the message of “unity, the power of teamwork, the belief that each one of us is an essential and important piece in the big puzzle we call life, and finally, the power of love.” Even the smallest of actions can impact the collective, so it’s important to approach life from a healed perspective. “We should take the time to first heal ourselves because in each one of us resides the meaning of life. Everyday we are projecting what history will become through the power of our actions, decisions, and behaviors. It’s up to us, and only us with our healing process that we can change our surroundings for the better.” In the meantime, he can’t wait for his holiday homecoming. “I will be with loved ones and family both here in the United States and in Italy. I am very excited to return to my home town of Soveria Mannelli in Calabria and to spend New Year’s Eve in Rome.” Nothing brightens your spirits like spending time with family!

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Stefano May Encourages Unity with New Acoustic Version of “We Are The Power.” Photo Credit: Courtesy of Stefano May.

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