Springtime Playlist

Spring is upon us at long last! With the snow finally melting and the sun shining, here are Cliché’s top 10 springtime playlist. 

10) “On My Way To Work” by Paul McCartney
This song reminds us that summer jobs are soon to be available and that school is almost out for the summer.

9) “Coming Up” by Paul McCartney
Another McCartney tune here, this one reminds us that as the cold starts to melt away, spring’s warmth will come up “like a flower!”
8) “The Mummer’s Dance” by Loreena McKennitt
Another perfect song for spring, “The Mummer’s Dance” tells the story of spring in bloom, the trees coming back, and visitors.
6) “Rainbow Blues” by Blackmore’s Night7) “Rain” by The Beatles
It rains a lot in the beginning of spring, making this Beatles’ jam perfect for our top 10 list! What happens after it rains? Well, if you’re lucky, there’s a rainbow. This song starts out slow and finishes fast, just like how spring weather starts out slow and finishes bright and warm!
5) “Dance Tonight” by Paul McCartney
More McCartney? You bet! This peppy song fits right in with parties of all shapes and sizes that come with spring!
4) “Crash Your Party” by Myra Sky
With spring comes spring break at college as well as block parties. This song is all about the social energy of spring!
3) “You May be Right” by Billy Joel (Live at Shea Stadium version)
When the sun is out, we certainly get more energy. This fast-paced song (involving crashing a party no less!) brings the perkiness you associate with spring!
2) “Hot as Sun/Glasses” by Paul McCartney
Springtime is when it starts to warm up, and this tropical-sounding instrumental will remind you that summer is right around the corner!

Beatles_-_Abbey_Road.jpg1) “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles
The ice left over from winter begins to melt away, and it certainly “feels like years” since the sun has been here! This is a perfect song for spring, and this is also why it makes our #1 song for springtime!

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