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Be The First To See Tonight’s Blood Moon

As I was surfing the internet today, I couldn’t help but notice the term “Blood Moon” popping up almost everywhere. After doing some research, I discovered that later on tonight there will be a lunar eclipse occurring. A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and Earth align so that  Earth’s shadow falls across the moon’s surface. Tonight’s  lunar eclipse is a total eclipse, which means Earth’s shadow will cover the moon completely. The moon is said to take on a reddish hue anywhere from a bright copper to the brownish red of dried blood, which would explain the term “Blood Moon”.
The eclipse will be visible from just about the entire continental United States, and the show will start at 10:20 p.m., when the first faint shadow will start to fall on the moon. By 12:07 a.m., the entirety of the lunar surface will be in Earth’s shadow. It will be glowing red, because even though our planet is blocking out direct light from the sun, the light of all the sunsets and sunrises on  Earth still make it to the lunar surface. (LA Times)
Not to sound like a complete nerd or anything but the whole concept of a lunar eclipse has me so excited! Grab a seat next to your window or take a stroll outside and be the first to see tonight’s Blood Moon.
(Featured Image courtesy of LA Times)

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