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Soaky Siren EP LUCAYA Is Her Own Version of Paradise

Soaky Siren has been co-writing hits songs with artists like Camilla Cabello, Pitbull, Chris Brown, and Rita Ora. Now, she is taking a step forward into the music scene by releasing her new EP LUCAYA. Soaky Siren EP LUCAYA is dedicated to her hometown and the experiences she endured.  Each song escapes into her bit of paradise that she want fans to resonate with her as well. Soaky Siren is taking over the music scene and she hopes her fans can connect with her when listening to her music. Cliché Magazine talks with Soaky Siren about starting in the songwriting business, her dreams, and how her EP came along. 
Cliche : What made you want to start in the songwriting business?

At first, it was a way for me to get my foot in the door. Over time, that foot in the door became an entire career. 

Can you talk about the moment you knew wanted to make music for yourself?

I can’t remember the exact moment because that revelation happened very early in my life. In primary school I had my mind made up about making my own music. After establishing my songwriting career the call for me to focus on my own music grew louder and louder. I do remember having a convo with my publisher after playing some of my records and she was like – ok, it’s time you put out your music. That reinforced what I had been feeling on the low for a while so I’d count that as a moment that made me press the gas and go. 

How was your life been from co-writing songs to making your own songs?

For now, it hasn’t been a huge difference. I’m still in the studio making records but now I have to split the time between writing for other projects and writing for mine. When I start doing more shows I’m sure it’ll be more of an adjustment. 

What has been the hardest part of transitioning from writing other artist’s songs to performing on the stage?

The preparation for sure. For one, writing for other artists isn’t cardio. When I’m on stage I have to bring big energy so I not only do I have to rehearse like crazy,  I also have to train consistently. When I started prepping for my first performance my body was on the struggle bus…I’d walk up a flight of stairs and be winded smh. Being on stage is a different bag altogether so yea…the preparation is a different beast.

What inspired your EP, LUCAYA and what was the process like in creating this EP?

LUCAYA is one of my favorite places on my island so that’s where the name comes from. The EP is loosely inspired by my hometown and largely by my own experiences. Life in Freeport gave me such a unique lens on life and it comes out in the storytelling for Dope Boys and Too Like Lie. Then there’s a record like Kombucha which is based on my personal experience with people who needed to be cleansed from my circle. So it’s a blend of experiences. The process wasn’t very different on the music side – a few of my favorite collaborators were down to work on my music so I got in with them and the songs pretty much wrote themselves. On the business and creative side I had to wear a lot of different hats so that was a huge learning process.  

What do you hope fans take away from listening to your music?

I want my fans to be transported to the places that inspired me every time they hear my music. Music has always done that for me so if my fans can experience this then that means I’m connecting with them. 

Other than music, is there anything you would like to pursue?

Definitely. Eventually, I want to get into fashion and film.

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