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ALEXA RAY Makes a Statement With new Album Fearless

Alexa Ray

September 24th, 2020 (New York, NY): Singer-songwriter Alexa Ray has released her second album, Fearless. The album includes two of her previous singles, “Begin Again” and “Fearless” and six brand new, unreleased songs that follow the same dark, smoky aesthetic. Fearless covers various topics such as trying to salvage irreparable situations, criticizing societal standards, and the overall corruption of our world today.

“With everything that has taken place over the course of 2020,  I really want to connect with listeners on a deeper level. I really bare my soul in each of these songs and wanted this album to be my voice to talk about things I believe in. I wanted to take listeners on the journey I’ve been on over the past year and hope fans walk away feeling uplifted by the message of hope I convey throughout the album.” – Alexa Ray

Although Alexa Ray’s sound on Fearless is dark and emotional in tone, the message behind her music is to inspire and lift others up to keep fighting. In order to achieve her bold, cinematic sound that effortlessly blends pop with carefully orchestrated compositions, Alexa Ray worked with film and TV composer, Randall Jermaine, (Keeping Up With the Kardashians, MTV’s The Challenge, Real Housewives) who helped to produce the album. Along with Randall, Alexa also worked with multi-award winning and Billboard charting pianist, Jennifer Thomas, on the song “Father Can You Hear Me,” a personal and heart wrenching ballad about doubting Faith.

Track Info:

Begin Again: The new single expresses the emotional despair that arises when trying to piece a relationship back together that may no longer be salvageable. The lyrics illustrate how pressures and expectations in relationships often blind you and make you feel trapped.

Fearless: A fight song that is meant to inspire listeners to stay true to one’s self and who you are even if it means going against the grain of our hypocritical societal standards.

Father Can You Hear Me: The song was written as a cry for help. It touches on the injustice and corruption within our world and begs for answers.

We’re Fine: This is a dark lullaby that Alexa wrote when she was in a very negative space. She wanted to remind herself and others that life is still beautiful even with all its imperfections. As long as you continue to look for the light, everything will be just fine.

Breathe: This song is about trying to carry on after losing someone close to you, and probably the most personal thing Alexa has written to date. When you lose someone you love, it sometimes feels like you can’t catch your breath and the world is continuing to spin without you. All you can do is take it one day at a time. . .  one breath at a time.

World in Colour: This was an empowering track to remind Alexa’s listeners that they are in control of their futures and world. Seeing a world in colour was symbolic of choosing to look for the good in our world, and when you do, the world becomes a more vibrant positive place.

On My Own: We’re all humans, we’re all a little broken in some way and have gone through growing pains. This song is about the journey of finding yourself.  

We’re Infinite: With this track Randall and Alexa wanted to embody the emotion of feeling unstoppable. We wanted to create a really epic, uplifting motivational track in a full cinematic production. 

A native of Toronto, Canada, Alexa Ray is a classical charting recording artist, Topliner, award-winning lyricist, and songwriter whose music has been described by Bob Leone (former manager of Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey) as having a “great sense of imagery and prosody in her writing.”

Quickly becoming a sought after recording artist, Alexa has been a featured vocalist on a number of tracks including A World of Color (End Of Silence album), Elementia II Brothers (Sound Rush), From The Ashes (ATOM MUSIC AUDIO), Breath Of Gods (ATOM MUSIC AUDIO) and has had her work streamed millions of times by audiences around the world. In 2018 Alexa was nominated in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for Best Contemporary artist, and again in 2019 won for Best Lyricist.

Alexa Ray is working to redefine the classical landscape boundaries with her unique style, blending the worlds of pop and film score to create music for television, film, and game.

Randall Jermaine is a composer specializing in music for film, television, and trailers. Some of his recent credits include Dark Waters, MTV’s The Challenge, Ball In The Family, Keeping Up With The Kardashians & Real Housewives. With over 1000 usages of his music on local television in South Africa, his music was used as the main theme song for the popular kiddies show Cool Catz. Randall has a unique signature sound that fuses pop elements with aggressive cinematic textures & percussion. Randall’s music is represented by major publishers such as Evolving Sound, Ninja Tracks, STX Entertainment, Aurora Productions & Phoenician Order Music.

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