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Shop Local Designers is the solution for designer to boost their brands post-pandemic. is a Find Your ID NYC and Livein Magazine special collaboration to support local businesses internationally post-pandemic challenges through an interactive online hub. The platform will allow users to search designer trends by city, providing a unique opportunity to explore new cultures, support local designers from around the world and highlight global talents. 

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 8: Isabella Barrett attends Times Square Fashion Week, New York, NY at Father Duffy Square on September 8, 2020 in New York. (Photo by Jared Siskin/PMC/PMC) *** Local Caption *** Isabella Barrett

The company aims to highlight the top designers and creatives in every major fashion capital. Through engaging videos, visually stunning content, multi-media coverage, influencers, events and pop-up stores, aims to highlight the trendiest small businesses and local shops with innovative approaches to fashion, design, beauty and wellness. Consumers have a chance to make an impact, supporting creatives who run responsible, sustainable and community-immersed brands

Shop Local Designers

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The project was conceived by the creative minds of Imani Jones and Joseph Ralph Fraia, respectively Founder and CEO of Find Your ID NYC and Chief Editor of Livein Media – both based in New York City. With years of experience working with brands, entrepreneurs and creatives in the most dynamic cities in the world – from New York to Milan, from Paris to Miami – Jones and Fraia have decided to take action and embody the change they wanted to see in the fashion industry. 

The platform will provide local businesses with the essential tools to compete and grow in the digital market. The biggest challenge many designers and creatives have been facing post-pandemic shutdowns is creating professional, visual content and promoting their brand in a way that is effective and affordable. has built a service that meets those needs, by creating and promoting the content businesses need to overcome adversity and grow their brands, while also providing a marketplace where they can showcase and sell their products directly to customers.

On July 1, 2020, also opened a physical store in Downtown Manhattan, two blocks away from the World Trade Center. This addition to the e-commerce shop serves as a place where brands can display and sell their products as they join the dynamic promotional campaigns of the platform.

Shop Local Designers

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On Sept.12, 2020, Trinity Yvette hosted Find Your ID NYC’s New York Fashion Week in collaboration with and under the creative direction of Imani Jones. The event consisted of one-on-one interviews about the future of fashion with professional fashion producers such as Janice Lawrence-Clarke of CAFE JLCPR, Mike Okerson of Jump Into the Light and the brand owner of Frekan. The live event also featured a socially distanced rooftop fashion show and photoshoot featuring designs by Willard Morgan and Vestiphobia, Klassiklozit, Kakaki, Tiye Eliza, and Naurah USA. The designs were modeled by Krystal Warren, Brianne Anela, Chelsea Scalzo, Kalliniki Lambrinoudis, and Jamila A Yancy. Makeup was done by artist and FYID NYC team member, Kalliniki Lambrinoudis. All photos were photographed by Joseph Fraia, professional fashion photographer and Editor in Chief of Livein Magazine, and Lauren Cirocchi of Find Your ID NYC.

Additional information is available to the press. Please email [email protected] with any questions. Watch the full video on Facebook or IGTV.

Find Your ID NYC is a global creative agency, founded in 2015 that specializes in brand development and strategy, talent representation, PR, event management, and content curation. The agency has bases in Milan and New York, working with forward-thinking companies to execute an array of brand activations by connecting clients with top, innovative talent.

Livein is a Multi-Media Platform and a Magazine founded in Padova, Italy more than 13 years ago by Owner/Editor-in-Chief Matteo Tornielli. Lifestyle, travels, art, fashion, food, wellness, sport, celebrities are among the favorite topics. In 2014 Livein started its amazing journey in the U.S.A. together with New York Editor-in-Chief Joseph Fraia who, over the years, has expanded the project from the East Coast to the West Coast always in search of the best life has to offer.

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