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Pilla B – Switching Up – Official Video

Officially recognized as “sister cities” – creatives between Toronto and Chicago have been building a corridor of connectivity between the two metropolises. Pilla B is one such artist having taken multiple trips to Chicago and developed strong relationships in the windy city.

After creating multiple records with Chicago legend King Louie, multi-hyphenate Bread Doe and others – “Switching Up” came about on a trip when Pilla B connected with talented producer Louis Laurentt via one of their mutual friends and frequent collaborators, producer/recording engineer Jack Flash. A cautionary tale around the choices you make and the trust you put into people, the song speaks to the limited role models available in many urban neighborhoods and Pilla B’s personal growth leading to new perspectives.

Returning to Toronto/Brampton to shoot the video – Pilla B enlisted another frequent collaborator, Jake Fair (Be About It, Think It’s A Game Freestyle) in order to paint a portrait of a day in the life of a young man involved in the streets and the paranoia and isolation that follows a life in “the game”.

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