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Paul McCartney’s Re-Release of “Wings Over America”

Wings over AmericaAs a Beatles and Paul McCartney fan since the 90s–my dad “converted” me by playing The Beatles’ album, Yellow Submarine, in the car as he drove me to school. The album Wingspan brought me to the Macca fandom in the early ‘00s, though I may have heard some of his songs before then but didn’t realize they were his. I am simply blown away by the re-release of Wings Over America.

For one thing, there are many songs I’ve never heard of, including “Memory Jar” and “Spirits of Ancient Egypt.” In the same vein, I can’t tell if it’s Paul or Denny Lane (The Moody Blues, Wings) singing “Memory Jar,” but it is nice to hear a new musical voice or pitch than I usually hear.

But the second and probably most important feature of this album is not Paul’s bass, which has been brought to the “front” of most songs; rather, it is Linda’s synthesizer! Having never heard it showcased as much as in this album, it really goes to show how much it just “makes” a live performance on some of Paul’s songs.

Whether you like Paul, The Beatles, or just like music in general, this album is for you. It has all the characteristics of a good live album, and will satisfy any longtime fan and intrigue new fans.

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