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Pap Chanel Releases Debut Project, Pretty & Paid 2.0 via 4th & Broadway Records

22-year old rising hip-hop star from Milledgeville, Georgia Pap Chanel cements her position as one of the fiercest female lyricists in the game with the release of Pretty and Paid 2.0, a deluxe version of her wildly successful debut project, Pretty and Paid, released in 2020 under 1865 Black Flag. Listen to the new project here. This new project, released via a partnership between 4th and Broadway and 1865 Black Flag which features 8 new tracks, showcases Paps lyricicism, versatility and energy with dynamic bars and unapologetic storytelling. 

The new project, which features 8 new tracks including Apple Jacks, Whoa Dere, Hurt and Okay Den, also includes the hit single, Gucci Bucket Hat, featuring Future and Herion Young. The project also features previously released tracks, “Won’t Tell,” “Wonderful” and her breakout hit,  “2 Way Street” featuring Blac Youngsta. 

Throughout the project, which Pap Chanel describes as an anthem for country girls, the 21-year old rapper takes listeners on sonic journey, as she uses her “paponalities” to shapeshift into a lyrical powerhouse – delivering colorful bars and powerful lyrics that describe her experiences as a country girl growing up in the South. Pap unleashes unapologetic flows and unbridled feminine energy that celebrates confidence, independence, creativity and motivation.

On the release of this new project, the Mi explains, “Pretty and Paid 2.0 is for all the country girls around the world. I created this body of work to not only tell my story, but to build confidence and work ethic. You can’t be pretty without knowing it comes from the heart, and you will never be paid if you don’t know your worth.”

In fact, to showcase the Pap’s diversity and versatility, she’s unleashing an arsenal of six alter egos, or Paponalities:

  • Papiana: Cocky, bold, confident, outgoing, the ALPHA ego, doesn’t mind being the elephant in the room;
  • Paprika: Spicy, the instigator, doesn’t mind getting things riles, gambler, stirs the pot;
  • Tupap: The poet, storyteller, the business lady, intellectual, speaks unapologetically on topics that may make others uncomfortable;
  • Papi: THE BIG BOSS, inspired by Nicki Minaj, most relevant, the rule maker, the legislator, THE ACE, birthing the new wave; 
  • Papatouille: Always eating, the scientist, appetite never expires, the go-getter, always cooking up something, the writer, the narrator.  
  • Papillion: The butterfly, healer, the rainbow that doesn’t wear her scars, most relatable, never afraid, monarch, strong

“Pap Chanel is an incredible artist whose passion and creativity shines bright. There was an instant heartfelt connection the first time we met and I was impressed with her vision and creative process. Her lyricism also makes her a force to be reckoned with,” said LaTrice Burnette, President of 4th & Broadway Records. “I am honored to welcome Pap to 4th & Broadway and excited to join forces with 1865 Black Flag and CEO Saad Amin to be a part of her artist journey and introduce her PAPonalities to the world.”

“When LaTrice reached out and said she was opening back up 4th and Broadway and wanted to sign PAP Chanel and build a Joint Venture with 1865 I knew right there she understood the mission,” said Saad Amin, founder and CEO of 1865 Black Flag. “I’m thrilled about the work we’re going to do together and excited to take Pap Chanel’s career to the next level.”

Although 2021 is coming to an end, Pap Chanel has no plans on slowing down. Stay tuned for more music from Pap Chanel coming soon.

Pretty and Paid 2.0 Tracklist 

  1. Won’t Tell
  2. Big Way
  3. 2 Way Street (feat. Blac Youngsta)
  4. Country Girl
  5. Get Down
  6. Perfect
  7. Wonderful
  8. Don’t Know
  9. Gucci Bucket Hat (feat. Future, Herion Young)
  10. I’m From
  11. Bipolar
  12. Whoa Dere
  13. Apple Jacks
  14. Hurt
  15. Okay Den

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