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Multiple Awards and Her Own Record Label: An Interview with Tia Gostelow Plus an Exclusive of Her New Music Video

Multiple Awards and Her Own Record Label: An Interview with Tia Gostelow Plus an Exclusive of Her New Music Video

By 2017, at just eighteen years old, Australian artist Tia Gostelow started up her own record label in Australia, was signed to AntiFragile Music here in the US, and won multiple awards for her music. Her song, “State of Art”, written when she was just sixteen, was featured on Triple J back in 2016 giving her the audience that she deserved. Since then, Tia has been performing with her band all over Australia and releasing new music, including her debut album, Thick Skin. Tia will be making her stateside debut appearance next year at the SXSW festival. She answered some questions for Cliché about her experiences so far, her music, and a little of what we can expect from her. Tia has also been working on her new music video for her song, “Phone Me,” and we have the exclusive video here: 



Cliché: I read you had a pretty important move this past year from Mackay, Queensland to Brisbane in order to be closer to the music scene there and grow there more. How has that been so far?

Tia Gostelow: I did I did! I absolutely love Brisbane, I’m so glad I made the move it was definitely the right decision for me career wise! I do really love going home though back to the beaches and my family!


You launched your own record label, Lovely Records, in 2017, when you were just 18 years old. What was your motivation for starting this label up and how has it been going?

I did! I’ve always been a person that finds it a bit hard to take orders from someone else haha and personally I hadn’t been very interested in signing to a label over here at all so I had a conversation with my parents they brought up the idea with me and we made it a reality. I really wanted to remain independent and be able to have control over what I wanted to do so I guess it was the perfect thing to do.


Can you talk about your creative process a little? What inspires you, and how do you go about getting something from in your head to a record?

It depends on the situation for me! When I’m on my own I usually write the chords and melody at the same time and then the lyrics but If I’m co-writing it depends on the way the ideas are flowing I guess. For me it’s easier to get the music down and get a vibe or concept and then write the lyrics.


Triple J seems to have played an important role early on in your career. What did it mean to you to have a radio station like that backing you up?

I am super grateful for Triple J, they’ve been there from the start and being a 16 year old girl and hearing your own song on national radio was an absolute dream. So so happy to have their continued support!


Having 6 nominations and 2 wins at the Queensland Music Awards in 2017, your first year out of school, is quite impressive. What was that like for you? Did it give you an affirmation that you’ve earned your place in this industry and that this is what you want to be doing?

That was crazy! I was still very young and it definitely did kind of confirm to me that what I was doing was connecting with people and it was most definitely something that I wanted to continue to do. Was a huge moment in my career for sure.


What is your favorite song to perform live at the moment?

I’d have to say “Out Of Mind”, it’s always fun to play with the band!!


I’ve read that you dealt with issues in Australia, where people frown upon your success, and how jealousy can become an issue. Your recent album, Thick Skin, addresses a lot of this. Has this issue gotten better for you with your move, your album release, and your perspective?

I have gotten better at dealing with the issue more than anything, it is definitely still existent but I think I’ve surrounded myself with people now who I know are in my life for the right reasons and support me 110%.


Can you tell me about the new video for the single, “Phone Me”, off of your new album? What was the inspiration behind it?

This video was so fun to make! I had been wanting to work with Matt Sav and his company PAVLOVA for so so long because I have been a massive fan of all of their work for quite some time. I really wanted to make something colourful and fun and weird and I think we portrayed what I had in my head perfectly.


It’s recently been announced that you’ll be at SXSW in the U.S. this coming year. Are you excited about your debut performance stateside? What are you looking forward to?

Yes!! I am so excited to come to the states and especially to be playing at SXSW! It’ll be my first time in America so I’m just excited to experience the country and play some shows!


What can listeners expect from you in the near future?

Look, I’m not even sure haha. I’m definitely experimenting with new sounds and collaborating with new people so I’m excited to see what’s to come.



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Multiple Awards and Her Own Record Label: An Interview with Tia Gostelow Plus an Exclusive of Her New Music Video: Featured Image Credit: Tia Gostelow Facebook (photo by She is Aphrodite)


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