Memorable Benefit Concerts in Music

Live Earth (2007)
It might’ve been a blip in your memory, but with the internet and Al Gore’s highly publicized effort against climate change, the concert series began on July 7, 2007 with more than 150 artists worldwide. Participating countries were the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The concert inspired other countries who held similar concerts of their own. With many performers like Dave Matthews Band, The Police, Jack Johnson, UB40, Kumi Koda, and Linkin Park, the main goal was that each participant followed the 7-point pledge. Thus the result was a more energy efficient (“going green”) world and supporting those within their local government to do the same.

A few controversies surrounded the event, such as accusations against Gore regarding another presidential bid, criticism of high emission transportation, and questions about where the concert tickets sales and donations actually went. Despite the negative backlash, energy saving definitely became part of the consumerist market around this time.

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