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Meet the Music World’s Newest Prodigy Benedicta Syran

Vibrant, passionate and inhibiting a new and fresh energy, meet the music world’s newest prodigy Benedicta Syran. With a multinational background (Benedicta is both Norwegian and Swiss), this young and talented artist is launching her first single this April – Let Me Be.


With an undeterring passion for music, Benedicta has been a lover of all things music-related as far as she can remember. Playing a key part in her day-to-day life, she finds herself intrigued by melody, tune, lyrics and the overall composition. This coupled with her desire to make bold choices and take courageous steps means her music creates a sense of inspiration for its listeners; motivating them to believe in themselves. 

At a young age, Benedicta has already amassed experience in the form of regular musical performances, a single with her mother, esteemed artist K-Syran and notable professional musical work. 

Bringing together the genres of jazz and pop, Benedicta’s work not only stands out for its musical flair, but also for its pronounced depth and meaning. With standout, brown curly hair and long legs for days, Benedicta Syran is the new-age artist you need to add to your musical radar.

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Images provided by Lykke Stjernsward 

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