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Lola Marsh Opens Up About Their Album ‘Remember Roses’

The indie-folk band Lola Marsh is taking the music world by storm. They are currently sharing their unique, one-of-a-kind sound now, touring Europe and the U.S. After many sleepless nights and challenges, Lola Marsh is going strong and promoting their new album Remember Roses. We chatted with vocalist Yael Shoshana Cohen about the band and what makes them who they are.


Cliché: When and how did you start your band?
Yael Shoshana Cohen: It was about five years ago. We were both searching for partners to make music with. It was at Gil’s (guitars and keyboards) birthday party when we first played together and instantly felt that there was a strong connection. We met a few times and it just clicked, like magic. We wrote and recorded so many demos and performed all around Tel Aviv as a duo. After about a year or so, we started looking for additional musicians to expand our sound. Soon, we were joined by Mati Gilad (bass), Rami Osservaser (guitars and keyboards), Dekel Dvir (drums), and later on, Brian Rivlin (keyboards). We found true family in these guys; they are truly phenomenal at what they do and are also great people.

Who are your musical inspirations?
Well, it’s always a difficult question because so many things inspire us, from musicians and music that we love, to books, movies, people, and places. [We love] legendary musicians like Edith Piaf, Elvis, Nina Simone, Nick Drake, and soundtracks from classical movies such as Star Wars, For a Few Dollars More, and The Sound of Music. We also love Sufjan Stevens, Lykke Li, Bon Iver, and many more.

How did you come up with your band name and what does it mean?
We searched for a name for quite a long time. At first, we thought about calling the project by our own names, but felt it wasn’t right. We realized that we wanted to create a new entity that was not Yaeli or Gil, but a combination of the two of us. Why specifically Lola Marsh? While brainstorming for names, we pitched a few ideas and noticed a pattern—all of the suggestions are half feminine and half masculine. When we thought of Lola Marsh, it all became one. It actually started as a private joke when Yaeli always wanted to have the march rhythm in like every song, and Lola just came along. Something about this name just felt right, so we just went for it.

It took us some time to create [the album] and we’re thrilled that now our crowd can finally hold an album in their hands.

How would you describe your sound?
We try not to determine our sound and music. It’s important for us to let each song lead us into its own unique path, so you’ll find that our songs vary. Yet we are always aiming to create music that will make you feel, from a dreamy fantasy to a cinematic world full of nostalgia.

Tell us about your touring experience so far. How do you guys prepare for a show? Any pre-show rituals?
Touring is amazing; we love it—especially because all five of us are good friends, so there are plenty of funny moments. For the shows, each of us prepares in a different way. For example, Yaeli likes to read the setlist and sing a verse and a chorus from every song in the show in front of the mirror to get into the mood, and actually we all have this stupid high-five we do just before going on stage.

What are some challenges you guys face as a band? How do you overcome them?
There are so many challenges we face as a band, like the sleepless nights, the stress, long flights, and many hours in the van. We see each other a lot and sometimes we need a break from each other. The food can be tricky, because, for example, Yaeli is a vegetarian, and sometimes when we’re on the road, it’s hard to find something healthy and vegetarian. But we are good friends and we help each other and actually feel very lucky that we’re doing what we love, and this feeling gives us power and strength along the way.

What are your plans for the future?
We’re looking forward to promoting our new album Remember Roses! It took us some time to create it and we’re thrilled that now our crowd can finally hold an album in their hands. We’re going to tour a lot around Europe and the U.S., and we are super excited about it.

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Lola Marsh Opens Up About Their Album “Remember Roses”. Photo Credit to Lola Marsh FB page

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