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Leonelle Breaks the Painful Cycle of Self-Destruction in New Single, “Never Enough”

Getting into songwriting has demonstrated to Leonelle how intrinsic her artistry really is. “I’ve been practicing,” she says proudly. “It’s been so empowering, trusting I have the inspiration within me and for me personally, that I don’t need to go outside of myself to find it. I know that’s not for everyone! Before every session I remind myself of this and trust that the music we make or didn’t make was exactly how it was intended. I tend to start with a chord progression – whether it be guitar, bass, synth or piano – and just see what comes out. Finding a melody and/or story within those free styles. Sometimes it all happens together at once and other times it happens one before the other – usually melody before lyrics. I tend to not write anything beforehand, I try to just be present and embrace/follow whatever comes out in the moment.” Her music offers her a window into her own self-evolution. “I am much more connected to my true self than I was before and that has helped me find my voice and my sound. Excited to hear how it keeps evolving!” Her lyrics act as a compass to her relationship to herself and others. “It’s healing for sure. I journal a lot and find that that provides me the clarity and hopefully the ability to help others through my music.”

Leonelle wrote her new single, “Never Enough,” in tribute to those engaging in harmful or self-destructive behaviors in pursuit of an ultimately toxic love. She learned the hard way the necessity of breaking free of that mindset. “It originally was inspired by a friend going through some, may I say, fuck boy shit, and I just wanted to shake her and say stopppp/why?! – BUT I got it. It’s hard. I had been in a similar place not too long ago at the time and it just forced that story out of me into this song. I think where we are and which thoughts we choose to believe ultimately plays a leading role in who we attract and who we fall for – these struggles have helped shape me immensely. There’s so much within this – denial, perfectionism, society’s conditioning of who we ‘should’ be/what we ‘should’ look like, the vicious cycle of shame, alcoholism. The heartbreaking and addictive journey in lessening your self worth in the search to find security (validation) and love (‘love’). Putting yourself first, and I mean really feeling/embodying that (despite others), feels really good.” Nowadays, she’s in a much healthier place for coping. “Human Design and Al Anon have helped a lot. Detaching from that person’s behavior and putting the focus back on me – what makes me light up and how can I give that to me? Giving that to me even if i don’t believe it at the time. Journaling a lot, connecting with my higher power, chatting with safe people to release whatever I’m carrying, sitting through the discomfort and letting it pass. I used to numb out over this stuff and if I’m not doing these self care type things, I can certainly slide back into it. Human Design has taught me so much about myself so I always come back to my Strategy & Authority for any HDers out there.” Lighting herself on fire in the music video was highly symbolic. “It’s a moment of release and renewal. The Leo fire sign in me loves it.”

Time has given her much needed perspective. “I haven’t personally been in this situation for some years now, thankfully – but when I was, I imperfectly made sure to stay close and connected to my people – to give myself time and grace to be where I’m at and trust that it’ll get better. To be super gentle with myself and accept messiness. Journaling, meditation and prayer helps me a lot. Today whenever my self worth feels low, I come back to my (Human Design) chart and see what conditioning I’m experiencing and aim to become the observer instead of the victim. Of course not always that simple when you’re in it!” Her forthcoming EP, As I Am, lauds this growth. “This project is so dear to me. It’s a story of unbecoming and becoming. A transformative break up and then finding love again in a new really awesome way. Coming into my unique independence. When I hear people say ‘______ as I am,’ I just resonate. That’s what inspired the name – this woman was talking and said ‘as I am’ and something clicked. I’ve always been searching for who I am, a better sense of my authenticity. Not someone telling me who I am… and for the first time I feel like I truly see her.” The inner Leonelle certainly sounds exuberant to finally be found.

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Leonelle Breaks the Painful Cycle of Self-Destruction in New Single, “Never Enough.” Photo Credit: Andi Elloway.

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