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The Most Straightforward Ways to Layer Up This Winter

Ways to Layer Up This Winter

Brace yourselves, the cold weather is coming! And what’s the best way to protect yourself from the cold? Layers, layers and more layers. The beauty of layering is that it gives you options. If you’re too hot, you simply remove a layer, and the opposite for if you’re too cold. Ultimate temperature control method. Therefore, here we are going to look at the items you need to have with you to layer up effortlessly this winter.

Your Base

For your base, you want to think lightweight but flattering, such as bodysuits by SKIMS. With this, you won’t get overheated and sweaty underneath when you’re getting from A to B, but you can easily take your top layers off when you get warm, whilst still looking fabulous. For your bottom half think leggings or jeans – you can warm yourself up further by wearing tights underneath these.


Yes, you read that correctly – don’t undermine your footwear when it comes to layering! Your feet, hands, and head are what let out the most heat so they need special attention in cold weather. So, high boots and cozy linings are ideal. The more insulating the better. These will also protect you from any rain, wind and snow if they’re sturdy, so you can’t go wrong.


Your coat is one of the most important items in your wardrobe. It’s what should keep your body dry and comfortable against the elements. Wool is a great material to look for as it is durable, even when it rains. Or, a proper waterproof jacket also never goes amiss, especially if you walk outdoors often. Keep high and dry with a good-quality coat as your top layer!


To complement the rest of your layers, you’ll want a variety of woolies. Consider getting a thick scarf, gloves, socks, leg or arm warmers, a winter hat… with these on you, you’ll always be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. These small, easy-to-carry pieces can make all the difference to your comfort. They are essential for long periods outside in the cold. Protect each and every part of your body!


If it is really freezing, then you should consider investing in some proper thermal pieces. These come in all forms – from underwear to jackets, so you have your pick of pieces. These are specially designed to trap the heat in to keep you at a nice temperature. With rising energy costs, these could be an ideal solution for those extra chilly days.

Never let the cold weather put you off from having a good time – simply dress appropriately and you can still get out and about without a worry. Layering is the answer to your problems! Not only is layering a great way to keep yourself at optimum temperature, it can also look great. Match your woolies, and coordinate your thermal pieces. Comfort can be fashionable too.

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