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Lady Gaga Releases Powerful Video “Till It Happens To You”

Before I start, let me give you the same warning that the video does before you hit ‘play’: This is not your typical upbeat Lady Gaga song, but the raw take on this pressing issue: one in five college women will be sexually assaulted this year.

Lady Gaga partnered with the crew behind The Hunting Ground, a documentary about college rape, and dove head first into the deep and dark place of sexual assault on campuses.
Sexual assault is a real thing, and happens every day to many people around the world; it is not something that is meant to be kept a secret, and it is not something to be swept under the rug; it is something that needs to be brought to light. Lady Gaga did just that by creating this video and giving us a look into what some may be going through right now.
Currently, only six percent of sexual assault survivors are reporting what has happened to them. Personally, I’ve had a few close friends of mine struggle with speaking up after being sexually assaulted out of fear that their assaulter would retaliate, or out of shame that it happened to them. When they finally did, I got to watch the freedom that comes with speaking up wash over them and got to see them rebuild. Another thing I learned through their struggle, pain, and beautiful boldness was this: By being brave, you give others permission to be brave as well.
Lady Gaga shows through her video for “‘Till It Happens To You” that she wants to empower and encourage those who are survivors of sexual assault to support each other with this new release.

A portion of the proceeds from the single will go to various organizations that support sexual assault survivors.
There are way too many cases that go unknown or unspoken about. If you or anyone you know has been sexually assaulted, know that hope is out there, help is out there, and safety is out there. You are worth the fight.
National Sexual Assault Hotline
1-800-656-HOPE (4673)
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Lady Gaga Releases Powerful Video “Till It Happens To You”: Image courtesy of YouTube/Marie Clarie

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