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Introducing MABES and her new EP Keeping The Noise Down


Rising British folk-pop artist MABES made an unforgettable entrance with her 2019 album Wait & See. Primed for stardom, the magnetic singer-songwriter’s debut – which includes smash hit “America” – garnered over 20 million collective streams in less than 12 months. Now, following a slew of releases this year and a taste of TikTok virality, MABES unveils her marvelous EP Keeping the Noise Down and new single “Might As Well” via The Other Songs / Amuse.


Describing her sound as “honest” with “a country twang influenced by pop,” MABES first picked up the guitar at 15 and learned to write by mirroring British act Laura Marling’s folk-poetry. Though oceans away in the UK, MABES developed an admiration for American artists and credits Carole King, Joni Mitchell, John Mayer, and The Smiths as some of her influences. With nearly 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, she’s been featured on their Easy, Fresh & Chill, Hot Acoustics, Mellow Pop, Very Nearly Nashville, and Sad Songs playlists as well as New Music Friday (UK) while Apple has featured her releases on Acoustic Chill, Breaking Singer-Songwriter, Mellow Days, Relax, Today’s Acoustic, and more.

MABESThe new EP, written partly in Nashville last year, is a pure reflection of her interest in Americana and folk music as well as a nod to the community she fell in love with during her time there. Each song on the EP is outfitted with poignant lyrics, rooted in folk sensibilities and wrapped with impeccable sincerity. The title track, Keeping the Noise Down,” was co-written with Jonny Latimer (Ellie Goulding, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man) and bubbles with pop potential as MABES opens a dialogue about social anxiety amid warm guitar chords and irresistible electronics. The second track, Stuck in the Rain,” was co-written with Dan McDougall (Noel Gallagher) and tells a whimsical tale of hope and endurance. Other songs to complete the body of work include the guitar-heavy Slow Drowningand the new single “Might As Well,” an infectious, mid-tempo slow-burner, featuring a breezy, anthemic chorus and luscious horns.

“Might As Well” (co-written and produced with artist Quarry) arrives immediately after MABES’ eye-opening experience with cyberbullying. Her 2019 single America was coincidentally featured on a popular TikTok video, resulting in thousands of comments falsely accusing the Essex, UK-born artist of being a “Republican Halsey” across her social media and YouTube channel. Approaching this unfortunate onslaught with grace, MABES provided a comedic response on her Instagram which converted online trolls into supporters and additionally inspired a fan club (aka the Mabies) in just under a week. The final track to be revealed seems more timely now, as MABES reflects on the pressures of social media and the challenges she faces with it. On the track she confesses, “Stuck in this place / with my reputation / They know my name / some of them claim to know my information… / Might as well / try to be someone else / It’s hard as hell / wishing I was someone else.”

MABES elaborates on the EP: “I was the ‘new girl’ 3 times throughout my school years, and every time I started somewhere new I thought ‘this will be the time I find my real friends.’ But no matter what, other kids my age were just very different to me. I questioned who I was, what I believed in, and wondered why no one else thought as deep about things as me. I couldn’t find that place where I was comfortable, or where I belonged. My friends were shallow and I couldn’t see the good in anything. The songs in my Keeping The Noise Down EP are a reflection of those times and how it was for me.” She continues, “Although it was a painful time, it’s actually shaped me to be a better, more understanding person in adulthood. For that, I’m glad. Now I’m on a mission to help people out there that feel like I did – ‘the new girl’ – realize they’re not alone and that there’s quite a few of us that just want to keep the noise down…”

“’Keeping The Noise Down’ is a mini-manifesto for Mabes’ warm, open approach.” – CLASH

“…delightful…” – EUPHORIA

“…brimming with the charm of Adele and the songwriting prowess of Joni Mitchell…” – SPINDLE 

MABES’ forward-thinking, emotionally raw songwriting style has led to relatable, cutting-edge intelligent pop that marks her as a unique new artist. With her dreamy vocals and an air of timeless authenticity, there’s no doubt

MABES is cementing herself as a global entity and an artist to watch.



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