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Intergalactic Pop Duo lunaluxe Release Debut Single Featuring MIZZI “All About You”

Introducing lunaluxe, the pop duo whose music is an addicting out-of-this-world adventure of girl-power. The virtual duo just released their first-ever single, “All About You” featuring pop artist MIZZI. It’s the perfect fem bop to release this year. 

The two powerful femmes – Luna, who is angelic-yet-edgy, and Luxe, a sultry and glamorous persona – collaborate as soul sisters who create music to transport you into another galaxy. Lunaluxe writes fun and colorful songs about confidence, independence, and loving yourself, with a core theme of female empowerment. 

The duo’s music is a reflection of the important message they want to put out in the universe — accept yourself and love yourself and be who you are. 

Check out my interview with the dynamic soul sister duo, lunaluxe, below!
Hi lunaluxe! How are you both today?
We’re great! It’s been a busy week 🙂 We just finished another new song too!
What brought you two together to form “lunaluxe”?
We’ve been writing together on a ton of other projects for about 3 years now. In our very first session, we just clicked right away. It was like we’d known each other for many years. The creative connection continued to grow and deepen, as we continued to knock out song after song together. We feel we’re a strong writing duo because we truly understand each other and give each other space to create and be exactly who we are as writers – so what we can do together feels limitless! The idea of starting a new project came to us in 2020, we just had the idea of wanting to start a brand new group together that would be an extension of us and our personalities in a totally different and fun way. Thus, Lunaluxe was born!
Congrats on your debut single! How does it feel to release this into the world?
It feels great! This project has been in the works for the past year almost, so we’re so happy our first release is finally out in the world.
How do you go about collaborating with each other on your music? Does one person write the music and the other writes the lyrics? Or do you create your image for songs together?
We do everything pretty equally! We’ll come up with different ideas for lyrics and themes and just call them all out during our initial brainstorming part of the session and then we’ll grab onto a concept and start writing from there. We go back and forth very quickly – we usually knock out a song within an hour or less.
How long did it take to write and record “All About You”?
In about an hour
How did you and MIZZI meet?
MIZZI is under the same licensing company we are (Lyric House), so we’ve known each other for a few years. It was only recently we decided to create a collaborative song together between our artist projects, which was so fun – especially because we are all about expanding the girl power!
What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?
Our music is all about being who you are, pushing yourself past your comfort zone and loving yourself 🙂
What are some future plans on the horizon for lunaluxe?
We have about 7 songs finished right now and plan to release our first (non-collab) LL single in early 2022 along with a music video. There will be a few more singles to follow after that and then a full EP drop!
Stream the new single “All About You”  feat. MIZZI on Spotify and more! 
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