Inpetto’s New Single “How We Used To Do” is the Perfect Dance Track

Are you looking for the perfect song to dance to while you get ready for a night out? Are you and your friends in dire need of a new song to blast out of your car as spring rolls in? Or maybe you just need a new song to listen to while you get some serious work done! Well, Inpetto has the perfect song for you with their new single “How We Used To Do.” The track features a catchy and powerful vocal hook over banging house beats that are perfect for the dance floor. The track also features a ‘90s dance-influenced piano melody with an opening that builds in the great way that all worthy house music does.
Inpetto_HowWeUsedToDo_CoverIf you are unfamiliar with the genius of Inpetto, allow us to introduce you. Inpetto is a German duo comprised of brothers Dirk Duderstadt and Marco Duderstadt. They have been making music since 1999 and their name, Inpetto, may mean secretive or private, but there is nothing secretive about this duo’s talent. They have worked with the likes of  and have remixed David Guetta’s “Everytime We Touch,” giving it an even funkier and edgy vibe with the kind of ease only legends achieve.
Known for telling stories through their music and keeping the dance floor packed, Inpetto isn’t your average duo. They don’t buy into the idea of making song after song just for the heck of it; they take their time and when inspiration strikes, it strikes gold, and their fans are more than willing to wait.
“How We Used To Do” is out now and streaming on Soundcloud:

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Inpetto’s New Single “How We Used To Do” is the Perfect Dance Track: Photos courtesy of Inpetto

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