How Artist Alexander Found His Sound

Alexander has been writing and performing music for more than a decade. In his 10+ years of music playing, he has experimented with a number of different genres and has been inspired by a wide array of artists. In his most recently released EP, Alexander, and single “Can’t Sleep Without You,” he sets his sights on what he describes as a combination of pop, classic rock, and punk. Here, Alexander talks about how he found his sound, when he knew it was the right one for him, his creative process, and more about what makes this Nashville boy tick musically.

Cliché: How did you find your sound?
Alexander: I found my sound through many years of trial and error. I’ve been writing and performing different genres of music since I was 16. Last year, I came to the realization that I needed to write music that I love and stop trying to please everyone. I decided to combine my love for pop with my other favorite styles like classic rock and punk. I created something that was authentic to me and that’s what I wanted.
When did you know it was the right one for you?
It just felt right! “Can’t Sleep Without You” was the first song we recorded and I actually wrote it with just a piano. Once we started adding the keyboard and drums, I got so excited because I knew my producer and I were on the same page. Pop is such a vague genre and covers a variety of sounds, so I wanted to be pop but raw and with a realness to it, something that listeners can grab onto and relate with.

When you start a project, do you usually know how many songs you want to write for it? Or is it something that just happens as you go along?
For this project, I came into it knowing exactly how many songs I wanted to do. We started out with the single to introduce me as an artist and then the five-song EP was to let people know what I’m about and bring it all together. I always try to make my projects sound as cohesive as possible and that the songs are meant to be played together.
I’ve read that you play a number of instruments. What is your favorite?
Probably acoustic guitar. It’s so versatile and creates such an intimate sound. I always try to incorporate guitar into most of my songs and I usually play it live.
Which was the easiest to learn?
I’d have to say guitar. I think it’s easy for people to at least get basic chord structures down. I was obsessed with it once I started so that probably helped a lot. I would lock myself in my room for hours and practice all my favorite songs.
Are there any instruments that you’re still interesting in learning?
I’ve always wanted to learn violin or cello. I think it is one of the most beautiful instruments and I would love to be able to learn how to play it. It’s one of those instruments that you can tell pretty quickly if someone is good at it or not.
What else do you have planned for this year?
We’re working on booking more shows around the East Coast and then planning a tour. If you’d like to book us or want to know our tour dates, you can get the latest updates at!
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