Fall Playlist

Fall is finally here and that means the leaves are changing colors, sweater weather is approaching, pumpkins are ready to be carved, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and apple cider is finally acceptable to drink.

One of my favorite fall pastimes is to have a fall activity day with friends where you break out the pumpkins, apples, blankets and Halloween movies (Hocus Pocus!) because it’s time to celebrate, but it’s always a struggle to create a appropriate fall playlist. I actually have a playlist for every season to match my mood, so I just throw on my fall playlist when it’s time to relax. To me, a fall playlist requires calming music that makes me happy that my favorite season is here. I tend to go for the for acoustic tunes with harmonicas and the feel-good music you just want to bob your head to. Here are some of my recommendations to include in a fall playlist of your own:

Photo: by fineartvideo

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