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Brooklyn Michelle Drops Latest Single “Retail Therapy”

Recording artist and producer Brooklyn Michelle returns with a brand new single and music video, “Retail Therapy.” The single comes off her highly anticipated sophomore album Placebo, which is set to release in early 2021. This release comes off the heels of her wildly successful first album, Lithium.

As the first single off the upcoming album, Retail Therapy’s placement in the tracklist serves as the emotional turning point in the album. It encourages the personal growth and strength that one can get in the most therapeutic of ways. The track features an undeniable melody with a hint of melancholy vibes, to put listeners in their feels.

The visual was released via WaffleDog Productions, Brooklyn’s own production company, as its debut release. The video was both directed and produced by Brooklyn herself, alongside director of photography, Jacob Glombowski. 

When describing her creative process for the video concept Brooklyn Michelle shares “I wanted to give each color mentioned in the chorus its own scene and character to match its emotion described in the lyrics. The vibrant color scheme and effortlessly executed transitions will have you mesmerized and watching this music video again and again.”

Watch the video for “Retail Therapy” here! 


Up next, Brooklyn is set to break in the new year with upcoming single, “Come Here,” which will  be followed by a string of more singles along with her highly anticipated sophomore album, coming early 2021.Brooklyn Michelle

About the Artist

Brooklyn Michelle is a Texas-based musician who inspires her fans through her music. She honorably brings raw emotions and personal stories to her listeners by using music as a coping mechanism. From discussing mental illness honestly and openly to losing her grandfather, Brooklyn maintains a vulnerable presence through her artistry. With this admirable influence, she displays an example of how transformation and gratitude can come from difficult times. From playing roles in charitable foundations, founding a charity festival, starting her own production company and her honest and beautiful music, she is quickly becoming one to watch in the music industry. When not working on music, Brooklyn is practicing her art on canvas in her own art studio, specializing in figurative realism. Her available artwork can be found here.

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