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Interview with Paige Nichols

Interview with Paige Nichols
Paige NicholsPaige Nichols has a very unique voice that is suitable for many genres, but she’s convinced that the genre of music she’s working in now (pop/rock/soul) is best-suited for her voice. Confident and beautiful, and with a past boldness not seen in many startup musicians, Nichols is on the music stardom rise. She sat down to talk with Cliché about her career and talents we’ve seen from her thus far.
Cliché: When and how did you discover your talent for music?
Paige Nichols: I’ve known since I was about three that I wanted to be a singer. I saw a local musical theatre production and thought it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. From then on, I was always performing. I’d go to auditions with a portable CD player, get on the stage, hit play, and sing along to recorded music. I was so bold as a kid. I was basically auditioning by doing karaoke for the directors.
Where do you see your career going?
Well, right now I’m pretty focused on the present and near future. I’m very excited to introduce my new music to my fans and the world. I’m hoping that people love the songs and can’t wait to see where these new songs take me.
Are any of your songs based on personal experiences?
I tend to write from a very personal point of view, so most of them are based on things I’ve gone through or felt.
What is the songwriting process like?
It’s different for every song. It usually all starts with me sitting at the piano and something sparking an idea, and then we take it from there. For my new song “Burn,” half of the lyrics came from me waking up at 6 a.m. and pretty much stream-of-conscious writing down some lyrics in my phone. Later that day, I pulled my phone out at the studio and showed my producer and was like,  “Would any of these work? I don’t even know what it says.” Those ended up being the lyrics and idea that we based the whole song around.
Paige Nichols3What message do you hope to convey through your songs?
There isn’t really a specific message that I’m seeking to put out. The message varies from song to song, but I do write from a very honest place and I think that when you write from a genuine, truthful place, it really resonates with fans.
Are the lyrics and music for your songs designed around your voice, or does that come later in the process?
It all just happens organically. Once I found the sound that really felt natural and came into my own as a songwriter and artist, there was no guessing anymore how to form a song around my voice. It all just kind of falls together very naturally.
What was it like working with songwriter Jacob Luttrell?
Oh, I love him! The day he came to the studio was such a fun, inspiring day. He was my first choice to have sing with me on “Burn,” so when he said yes I was really excited. I think he’s an amazing artist, the type that’s so good that when he’s around you naturally rise to the occasion and up your game.
Ultimately, what do you think the best genre of music for your voice is?
What I’m singing right now! I have a raspy, rock, soul voice, so you’re right that it lends itself to a lot of different genres. But I’m at my happiest singing pop/rock/soul music.
What has your biggest musical accomplishment been to date?
Most recently, finishing this last EP. The studio experience was what I’d always wanted the recording process to be. I left feeling really inspired and beyond excited for everyone to hear the new songs!
Image Credit: Sean Schnieder 

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